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  1. Needs a remaster or some way for new players to buy it on pc again

  2. All of the cars feel dull and they still sound weak.

  3. No one has made a comment on this from what I see but how Ramiro and Alexandra or whatever switch between English and Spanish. Like it truly makes no sense to have characters doing this and no one actually does this (from my experience). I find it just weird.

  4. It's worse if you dont know spanish and dont have subtitles on

  5. Even mick has higher chanches this year

  6. I really hope he hits them with this quote one race

  7. I've been sittin in training for 10 minutes πŸ’€

  8. Dang im the only one that kept their first car for the A class final

  9. They are all online for around 20-30 bucks from ehat ive seen

  10. I definetly didnt just buy.it 2 days ago with 40 euros, couldn't be me

  11. The same with fh1 i could swear it kinda had fh3 graphics and now it looks terrible

  12. Been having the same problem, all though if you have a shortcut on your desktop it launches the game

  13. Depending on where you live, you can find them online for around 20 $

  14. On G2a or various other sites, i got it digitally that way

  15. Why whould you need 2 hard drives for tho?

  16. Lack of preogression, kinda did all there realy was to do in a week

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