1. Rain Man. Seriously, oversimplifying autism and tom cruise who suddenly becomes compassionate when he realises that rain man is raymond. All so utterly fake fake fake feel good.

  2. This is a good one. I recently rewatched this as an adult after fond memories of watching it as a kid, and I thought the same things as you. One of those safe Hollywood movies that the Academy even today still loves to award.

  3. Johnstown flood in 1890 (so almost 20th century). Almost as many civilian deaths as from 9/11, but it’s now nearly forgotten. Was basically caused by the negligence of wealthy industrialists who maintained a large lake for a hunting club in the mountains above the city of Johnstown.

  4. The yellow flower is tall goldenrod. The white is hedge bindweed, a different plant.

  5. Nice. Upon closer examination the bindweed is indeed twined tightly around the goldenrod. I guess that’s what they do

  6. I’ve experienced this exact thing with other intersections with Niagara, like Delevan. The city’s management of traffic lights is a joke. Go to any other city in America and they function much more smoothly.

  7. This may be too far, but letchworth state park does weddings at the Glen Iris Inn on middle falls. I got married here and rented out a cabin loop for myself and guests that wanted to camp. Its an option if you don’t want to DIY everything at a park. They’re a legit venue with wedding coordinator and staff. I didn’t have to lift a finger and it was incredibly affordable

  8. We also did our wedding at Letchworth, but rented out Trailside Lodge, put a large tent next to the lodge. Was a great time.

  9. The village of Ellicottville is no longer the sort of place where people raise families. Essentially all the nice property in the village proper has been bought by out of town vacationers from the area and from Ontario, or as rentals. I know this because my grandparents raised their family of five there in the 60’s and 70’s, but my grandfather is one of the last year-round occupants left in the village. He literally doesn’t know anyone left in the village who lives there year-round or is raising a family with kids. I spent a ton of time in Ellicottville as a kid in the 90’s, and I can tell you the village was more of a close knit community even back then. But now everything’s been bought up. For example, next to my grandparent’s house there was a small church which rang its bells every Sunday and had an active congregation. Now it’s been parceled up into some kind of weekend rental property, I don’t even know what it is, haha. Similar thing with a lot of other property in the village.

  10. This is the best answer. I went to school in Ellicottville. It's certainly not the worst place to live, but all the people that actually patronize the town year round live in towns nearby like Great Valley or Salamanca.

  11. Buffalo is not “America.” Buffalo was once a gorgeous city, and they essentially just said ‘fuck it.’ Most cities take great pains to preserve historically important architecture, and try to go for a visually pleasing look and layout at least as much as possible. Buffalo….I don’t know man. There’s not much that’s nice about Buffalo

  12. Actually Buffalo has quite an active preservationist community, which is a thorn in the side of developers (a good thing). There’s actually still a lot left to preserve here, even after the destruction of the 50’s and 60’s. This happened everywhere in America at this time, not just Buffalo. Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Detroit, LA, Boston, Baltimore…no city was spared, Buffalo is not really worse off than these places in terms of what was lost

  13. In this picture he looks like Robert Glasper’s doppelgänger.

  14. I don't have a problem with the name change but it's a gesture standing in place of actual action - it gives us the sense that things are being done and allows people to continue ignoring real issues.

  15. Wait, bodegas are not allowed to sell produce? I always thought there were few bodegas that sell produce because the profit margins are so low or the owners don’t think it’s what their customers want? I would love if bodegas sold more produce, the one on the corner of my street does and it’s very convenient

  16. I can't find the source on this, so I could be totally off, but I remember from India's campaign hearing that the city's health code is set up in a way that basically makes it impossible for small retailers to sell refrigerated fresh products; if I recall correctly it costs a fortune to keep up with inspections and it's basically only feasible for larger grocery stores and restaurants

  17. Wondering if you ever got this resolved/what the outcome was? I am about to have my first and I am worried that something like this will happen to me.

  18. Your question has good timing because it was in fact finally resolved yesterday. Aetna re-processed the claim as in network, and we now only pay a small amount in coinsurance because we already met our in-network deductible. Although this change still hasn’t been reflected in the provider’s billing system, which we want to make sure to correct. But at least the insurer has complied with the surprise bill federal legislation. If this happens to you, you’ll want to contact your insurer like we did to argue that it’s a surprise bill.

  19. Call them and ask them to reprocess the claim based on HAIRPEN provision. Given you used a network facility and you did not have a choice of who was staffed at the time of your delivery. It’s important that you ask for two things:

  20. I highly recommend The Cove and Mill. It’s in a super unique location in a historically significant grain mill. Oral the owner is such a good dude, originally from Trinidad and Tobago, really fun to talk with. Really relaxing vibe with a free beer every visit. Check it out, you won’t be disappointed.

  21. That’s awesome, but it’s a little unclear what my best course of action is as a consumer when I now get the surprise bill which violates this law. Should we start with simply mentioning that this is a clear case of surprise billing when I call Aetna?

  22. blbd says:

    Need to know the state

  23. A bit confused by language in this article. “Covering this portion of the expressway will allow for the restoration of Humboldt Parkway, which once connected MLK Park in Buffalo to Delaware Park as part of the Olmsted Parks system.” But Ferry to Best is not even half of the original parkway. Does this imply it’s a step in that direction, or does this billion dollar project have more scope than the article says? I hope the latter.

  24. 2 months of good weather? Weather here is pretty great May - mid October. I mean, I know we get a lot of snow, Jan-April can be really tough to get through, but you might be exaggerating a little here. Often our summers and even into fall are quite dry for a northeastern city, ironically because of the effect of Lake Erie

  25. They were probably pursuing him for something pretty serious. Most police agencies in WNY will not chase people to avoid people getting injured/killed, lawsuits, damaging their own vehicles etc. The only way they really will chase somebody is for a serious felony. Even still, a supervisor might call it off if traffic is too heavy. There are a few agencies that will pursue people, but they tend to have plenty of money to cover potential lawsuits and damaged vehicles (like the state troopers).

  26. Thanks for the comprehensive answer. It’s important to remind oneself of all the unknowns a bystander is not privy to.

  27. I’d look into homes on the west side while they are still affordable

  28. You bring up a number of interesting things to think about, and “future proofing” things was definitely one thing I wanted to get a discussion going about with this post. But I do wonder if some of what you’re saying is perhaps a little too far off, or possibly might not unfold how we are predicting currently. Also, I live in Buffalo, NY and I wonder if regulations and other factors might be different for someone living in CA.

  29. Nowadays everyone is starving for amps. Consult with an electrician on what your total sq.footage should be asking for. One thing to put on your radar is proper hookup in the garage for an electric car.

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