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  1. When I had a bike I rode like I was invisible. Got myself out of more than one accident.

  2. This feels like too much ball cam or is that just me?

  3. Quite idiotic. But also does he know you can just clip the wire under the seat that goes to the sensor?

  4. I’m not a doctor, but I just read a lot of comments, and it really seems like you might have had a stroke my dude.

  5. The fact that it is one story higher than the building makes me think this is an elevator shaft. The top floor would be the machine room.

  6. Unless OP is willing to go ask the neighbors… this is… solved?

  7. Red and Yellow it'll Kill a fellow , Red and Black is a friend of Jack?

  8. And do you feel like that's a constructive way of handling things? Everyone can have a bad game, that means a lot of mistakes; the game after they bounce back. If not for kindness sake, I think that mindset quickly devolves into a negative spiral so you just end up having bad games after another.

  9. Sometimes I have a really bad start to a game and if my tm8 starts being toxic it usually never turns around. With supportive tm8s on the other hand, I usually come out of my “slump” by mid-game because I can relax. Then we end up coming back and winning.

  10. Are you using cura? If so, make sure “Fill gaps between walls” is enabled in the settings. Also may just be under extruded.

  11. I used input shaper to cancel out the bast majority of the ringing. Also good old slow print speed and 500mm/s2 acceleration helps a lot as well. This isn't designed for speed benchies lol

  12. I thought this might be the case, but everything I saw online about elephants foot was either the bed is too hot or the nozzle is too close to the bed, but I dont think either of these is the case. Isnt 2mm a little big to be elephants foot anyways?

  13. Do you have your fan settings change gradually over the first [x] layers?

  14. Confirmed. Definitely a security barrier not a safety barrier.

  15. Slower start speed. And some adhesion stick, hairspray or whatever. Or just the latter.

  16. Are there birds that could fit through a hole that small? Why would there be a hole in the bottom? Never seen one like this so just curious :)

  17. If one hole is slightly threaded. I’d say it’s a birdhouse that was previously mounted on a metal pole.

  18. So frustrating. People think the filters are biodegradable, too. They are made of plastic.

  19. That is true if you had some mushrooms also!

  20. My aunt got a yellow Jeep and the J was also gone. Thus creating the YEEP (yellow Jeep). I even got her a Y to put on the car to make it official.

  21. I have an xterra and my friend decided to add an “se” before it. Now I drive a sexterra. Took me a couple weeks to notice it.

  22. You should check your laws my friend. Because where I live you are only required to have 1 functioning mirror.

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