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  1. Yeah I don’t get it at all either. I think it’s the silliest meme and never adds anything to the joke

  2. I feel like Frank is a guy who deserves the benefit of the doubt. I’m not gonna make any judgements until we know more.

  3. Lol having an nfl career without getting into legal trouble should not be the bar

  4. I’m pretty early in the game but honestly the writing on the walk where Hans levels with Henry and they both mutually apologize and meet each other halfway felt so real and like such a legitimate compromise in a relationship I was impressed

  5. Man this art is getting to some deep cuts lol

  6. Kyle treating Jimmy like he's Jared Goff or something. Just trade him for the 2 seconds you claimed someone offered already.

  7. Super duper duper skeptical we ever got offered 2 seconds. he'd be gone if we were

  8. igraph is my favorite and I think the most popular

  9. If the Browns trade a 2024 3rd…. They would get it back as a comp pick when Jimmy signs somewhere else next year…. Basically becomes a wash….

  10. Yeah but I doubt Jimmy would be a 3rd round comp. A 3rd round comp is usually if someone like Bosa signed somewhere else, not Jimmy G

  11. Hulu doesn’t allow you to take a screenshot. If you try, it will return a black screen.

  12. Pro-tip, turn off hardware acceleration for video and that usually defeats all the anti-piracy-no-screenshot stuff. Not a big deal here for a one off obvi but I figured you might want to know next time you've got a good clip/image to capture!

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