1. I meant together as I thought they had a pre existing relationship when she came on the show

  2. Nope, they Mac and Robert met her for the first time she was deaf and married to Leopold at her estate

  3. Holy shit, we actually did make it through the episode without David Muir interrupting

  4. First 10 mins got interrupted with local news where I live. So at least one place did lol

  5. Most east coast viewers except for the couple that air at 3pm instead of 2 feel your pain 😂

  6. Okay so little bit of tea (alleged gossip) that I fully believe… their PR has changed.

  7. Personally, I do believe they changed PR team. I saw something regarding how Harry was mad about Meghan’s image just getting tarnished more and more. As if it was the PR team’s fault. She is not lovable.

  8. Plus it's a perfect way to get the information about the housekeeper out there to people who didn't know about it without saying anything because Twitter unleashed it in the replies.

  9. I mean so many people wanted Esme to be Mac and Felicia instead Felicia & Ryan. I wish everyone would stopped saying the timeline doesn’t fit this is tv life not real life. I saw the picture of this Dominique lady and Cody. They actually look like they could be Mother and Son😏🤫

  10. KS was having horrible skin problems during her divorce. Poor thing, they were piling on cover up, using her hair to cover blemishes…she took time off to deal with it a few years ago. Maybe she’s relapsing and they’re trying to deal with it.

  11. Yup, I bet they use a "redness solution" product on her and it doesn't mix well with their high definition make-up products

  12. I bet they use a green base under her makeup. I use it, it's for people who have red undertones, like rosacea or acne, to counter act it for a more "natural" look. If it's not done correctly you can look greenish in certain lighting and pictures.

  13. You might want to check out the* list of recently banned users. You can unban them though there will definitely be possibility of unbanning actual culprits but that's just unavoidable.

  14. Not all users were banned for the same reason. If anyone feels theirs was unjust the faster and most efficient way to have it looked at is to do a ban appeal

  15. Ban appeals to a mod results in a cheeky quip and a mute, so that won't solve anything for people unfairly banned lol

  16. For anyone interested, the "harassment" and "stalking" is literally just people disagreeing with these new policies, which have now been reverted, and bringing up past comments and posts that this mod has made about the policies.

  17. Harassment and stalking were Reddit Cares, Mod Mails, and harassing people in chats. Of the reports I filed all but agreed with after additional events happened.

  18. Fair enough, but it does feel incredibly dirty that you pushed Tyler out of head mod. I’ve spoken to him and he’s said he would give you second in command if you stepped down.

  19. Now I believe the theory that Cody is spawn of Scotty. Don't mind because that means he'll die pretty soon.

  20. If we can have sibling cousins we can have step sibling lovers.

  21. Really? I've heard it's the richest country before but I didn't know about the jewels. I'm definitely going to go look them up

  22. I don't have a tw.itter account but I feel like signing up just so I can tweet: "Frank please hire Liesel to work at the Metro Court.""

  23. So now Dex desided to help Michael to take down Sonny and he didn't think that threatening civilians would be part of the job? Yeah, Dex shouldn't have agreed to help Michael.

  24. Well clearly everything you took into consideration was wrong. If you truly want to change the rules on the sub based on user feedback then try again. Nobody knew about that and it was clear from the 350 respondents that something was wrong with visibility.

  25. Why would you get banned for questioning me? That's not my style at all and never has been.

  26. We are allowed to discuss it, but it's not fun trying to jump through multiple hoops just to talk about a major character death that happened a month ago when people on this subreddit all operate under the assumption that everyone has seen it.

  27. So if it's marked Season 2, then everyone in the comments has to spoiler tag Season 3 information?

  28. When you read it out loud, it sounds like Wales. I'd rather she not be associated with that even with a different spelling.

  29. It's supposed to sound like Wales. That's the point. Harry is Prince Henry of Wales.

  30. I can send you the code I use. Let me know if you want it.

  31. https://github.com/prettyoaktree/reddit_scripts/blob/master/mod_transparency_report.py

  32. Me too. We just need a better writing team and new EP.

  33. We need Frank unfortunately. Him keeping GH under budget is what keeps the show on air

  34. The way he left wasn’t satisfying, it felt like he was in the middle of storylines and honestly I loved Jason with Britt and I thought it was going to be a turning point for his character after he abandoned his escape for her and I’m super annoyed nothing happened with it. They were so playful and alive I liked seeing alive Jason to be honest

  35. The way he left was proof to me that SB was the one who lied/had a fake vaccine card. He fucked around and found out

  36. The Body Language guy should be a forensic scientist with the stuff he uncovers in photos! Here’s an amazing “forensic”

  37. Someone pointed it out on Twitter first. He even commented that thanks friend catching it, he'd make a video about it

  38. How did the throwing dishes idea begin? I've read about it often but was there somehow confirmation that she throws dishes? It's such an odd and juvenile thing to do when you're upset!

  39. Gossip about her throwing dishes in NYU hotel because Hazbeen couldn't get her a spot to speak at the UN too

  40. Interesting, I’ve only seen Kate in mid thigh shorts. I’ve never seen this style in any of the department stores I’ve been to, I’m in Texas, maybe just different trends here.

  41. I'm in Michigan. Both my teenage girls had me buy them some similar ones this summer

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