1. My ABC station is covering a police chase. It's been going on for over an hour. The police don't actively chase or deploy spike strips. Hopefully he runs out of gas before 2. He already carjacked another car so if he runs out of gas he may grab another car.

  2. You've been on Reddit/the Internet long enough to know that's not possible. People very often just don't read the rules.

  3. You're not wrong, and it seems like this sub is more actively moderated (which is good)

  4. We have all gotten old. She’s 60 and it’s been ~27 years since she was regularly on oltl.

  5. You don't need to turn them on, just create your community awards. refresh your page and on the right hand side you'll see a blue button 'create' where you can add them.

  6. The spot to create them is has no options to. It's like when Power ups were first out. It's really odd. There's no button to turn on even with a refresh

  7. Brother and Sister-in-law died yesterday. Still want to say it is richy rich?

  8. Save it. You showed your true thoughts yesterday.

  9. I was quick tempered with We had 68 mass shootings in June and only some make the news. I'm angry more about that. I'm owning my mistake and that's why I didn't delete my comments

  10. Not all posts here are questions, and this is a science/fiction sub

  11. But his face looked different in the Nicaragua flashback???

  12. "People love what I have to say, they just don't like the word Nazi" must have really hurt you

  13. He filmed for the 2 movies during his hiatus from the boys but I have no idea when they will come out.

  14. Yeah. I wonder if the incident in Spain impacted him being in the movie.

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