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  1. The first one screams mother of the bride to me. Just thought it was interesting she covered up more when he wasn’t there! Kinda aligns with what is going on, but who knows for sure. We’ll see as this relationship evolves 😬

  2. Noticed Madi dressed significantly more modest for a wedding she went to this weekend, and Grant couldn’t attend because he was working. Wonder if this is part of their modesty deal when they’re apart…. Or if this is her new wifey style

  3. Way too many people voted that Fredo giving mommy a dirty look was enough of a price to pay 😒

  4. Omg yes. The fat free craze. Those devil's food cookies that tasted like plastic covered chocolate flavored styrofoam.

  5. I will not stand for the amazing Faygo Peach to be slandered like that. Now, I'm off to Meijers to get that and some Better Maid chips lol

  6. I must be old, but I remember Jolt Cola being the OG energy drink. "All the sugar, twice the caffeine!" I drank it as a little kid in the 80's. Good times!

  7. A lot of us "90's" Libertarians use the term "small l" libertarian these days, where the principles of libertarianism play into our political belief systems, but we aren't only voting for libertarian candidates.

  8. Reminds me of the shooting of that 12 year old African American boy with a toy gun. Cop literally drives up on the grass, rolls down he window, shoots the kid in the face, and then drives off. A quite literal drive by, caught on camera, and people still defend the cop.

  9. Oh my. I'm not sure if I should be upset that this is the first I'm hearing about that story or happy for the little bit of hopefulness that have all but disappeared

  10. I haven't watched the video, don't think I can. It sounds absolutely fucked up wow

  11. I tried. Watched at the most 10 seconds of video one. Thought, you barely were able to watch the ACAB murder George Floyd, read the description and cried from that. My heart breaks for his mom. My biggest fear is my kids crying for me like that and not there for them.

  12. I have a bad feeling this is about manufacturing a reason to have the baby in the nicu for baby switch purposes 🙄🙄🙄🙄

  13. Does anyone think they are killing off Willow? Like seriously. All of her scenes feel like goodbye scenes and now that Nina is not a match, i cant help but wonder if maybe she gonna die

  14. To clarify, I wasn't talking about Carly & Drew specifically. I was talking about sex scenes on the show in general.

  15. Ah, gotcha. Yeah I expect with the 60th anniversary coming up it's going to go back to "traditional" soaps and love in the afternoon like it was from the 70s up until COVID

  16. Also, Carly badgered Nina into testifying against Nelle for Michael and Willow to get custody of Wiley. (Before she knew Wiley was her grandson.)

  17. Totally disagree. She's exceptionally talented and I'd bet good money that she doesn't stick with being just daytime actor. I see her going Prime Time/Movies/HBO type shows *GoT) not just Hallmark and Lifetime movies.

  18. I run 9 preschool classrooms of 15-18 kids in each class, in a rural low income community… expansion will be very difficult unless they slash teacher qualifications… not enough teachers already… and we pay better than all our peers… a better plan is to have the state use that same money and increase teacher pay… draw more teachers to the field…then they can expand access… there will also be a tremendous shortage of classrooms problem.

  19. Yup, my sister is a GSRP teacher in a typical suburban school district. She doesn't even make $27k a year. This is her 5th year teaching for that district. She does work for that district so she does have MESA insurance. The government requires a Bachelor's degree but don't want to pay the going rate.

  20. That is amazing they can find anyone to work for 27k a year, especially a job that requires a bachelors.

  21. Yup and when she brought it up, she was told you have some of the best health insurance in the state then basically sit down, shut up, and either live with it or quit 🤷‍♀️

  22. Wasn’t there already 3? Kiki, Sabrina, and that other one (she was a stripper that he helped go back to school or something, it was before I started watching)

  23. Ohhhh, that trilogy. My bad. Also, totally forgot Nelle for a minute. This’ll be 5 dead girlfriends?!

  24. By all means, please enlighten me! I have life experience and have since a young age as an abuse survivor (horrible abuse that haunts me and my sisters to this day). Since then, I've gained more unless you've survived some catastrophic event or horrible upbringing, I'm not sure what you can enlighten the rest of us mere mortals to....BUT, I'm willing to be proven wrong.

  25. I was going to say it looks cgi- but the details in the boots ( wrinkles and such ) make to think that the picture has been been photoshopped a lot. I’d love to see the orginal raw version

  26. Also, whatever blog site you are from you need to contact me with the name and we'll go over what is or isn't allowed to be gathered for your use privately via Mod Mail

  27. These FB comments/speculations never fail to make me laugh. I love a good shit post 😂

  28. Were RH and MW ever a couple on ATWT? He immediately had 100% more chemistry with Ava than he ever did with Maxie. I still mourn the Britt and Austin ship.

  29. No, but they were frequent scene partners and have always had some of the best chemistry on daytime TV.

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