1. Man, the ship's pretty but I genuinely have no idea what its use-case is beyond nebulous 'exploration'.

  2. The Corsair is Drakes Carrack. The Carrack is for exploration as well. What do you feel the Corsair is missing?

  3. At this point we cant really determine if its missing anything as its not released yet...but from what we can see it seems to have everything you need

  4. That's what I was thinking. Don't understand the comment made about it. I purchased one and cannot wait for it's release.

  5. Where is the kit $400 I wonder? And where is the service $80?

  6. As a collective, let’s not buy them. And take the piss out of anyone who does!

  7. I read this so often online, about so many topics, but it doesn't happen. Just as the world keeps turning.

  8. Aio wire management isn't great. Rear fan needs to be upgraded to RGB if you want this to look good. Not a bad first attempt. Could be better.

  9. A huge problem with using the Ooakla speed test data is the result speed is completely dependent on the quality of the users internal Lan, be it WiFi or wireed, and does not reflect the true router/dish to Satellite datarate achieved. Simply using a 2.4Mhz WiFi connected device will clamp the through put to below 10Mbs and on either radios, distance, placment and the type of equipment used all effect the speed the testing device achieve. It is completely an inappropriate way to judge whether a standard has been met as the standard is defined. Even fiber providers would be greatly handicaped a few years back as few household had routers capable of routing over 100Mbs on the Lan and consumer devices did do gigabit wifi either. Rural customers will likely have to catch up as well, as the old equipment they have used with DSL, if they even had that, will need to be upgraded to take best advantage of peak data through put. What the FCC should force SpaceX to do is provide customer support via dial up phone service. If you ditch your DSL for StarLink now and you are in a Cell Phone Service Blacked Out location like I am, there is only a 30mile drive before being able to check your email or any other online communications.

  10. First, I live over in Italy so my speeds tend to stay better than the more congested US.

  11. When you want to pry two lego pieces off each other.

  12. I'm trying, but this doesn't make any sense. A screwdriver would be equally bad at this task whether it was in rachet mode or not.

  13. You shouldn't use a ratcheting screwdriver in the locked position.

  14. I'll vote MSR just to take a hit at the Raft that did team Freelancer dirty

  15. That's kinda the whole point, vote for ships you have

  16. Yes and no. It’s a popularity contest, one ship can be worse than another but you can still like it more. More often than not people like the ships they own so they may vote against the “better” ship.

  17. Game updates because I game for one. I also build and repair computers that usually require large updates. Time is $$.

  18. Plus, I want to download those games and leave my Playstation and Xbox consoles in standby for auto updates and have my wife and kid watch two seperate 4k streams. And I don't want to see another buffer loading circle ever again haha.

  19. Eventually I want to add a cosmic horror eating the planets.. may have just started with pluto

  20. Oh that makes sense. I would start with Pluto if I were a cosmic horror

  21. I've always disagreed with that RotJ take. We know Wookiee are incredibly tough and strong. They'd obviously and easily wipe the floor with the Stormtroopers. There'd be little tension.

  22. If wookies would wipe the floor with stormtroopers, why was their planet taken under control by the stormtroopers?

  23. If cig would fix the pricing of it, it would be much more popular. its a $220 ship or 2.2m in game for a ship the size of avenger but less useful in current implementation than avenger. which runs at $55 or 0.8m in game. Currently all it does is shuttle and it runs similar pricing to Andromeda and taurus.

  24. They can't really charge for current implementation though. That wouldn't make much sense. Drop it's price and then everyone melts the one they have to purchase the reduced price version plus more and then the price goes back up later when it has features? But then doesn't sell because every one already bought one at a lower price. Sounds messy

  25. Trust me, give the Terrapin a chance and you’ll vote for it because it’s AWESOME! Best dropship in game for missions.

  26. Oh shit, I forgot every square inch of Earth is illuminated by light bulbs, my bad.

  27. Everywhere the light touches the screwdrivers exist. In the shadows the screwdriver is lost forever.

  28. Maybe this example will help you sympathize better. You know how when you're on the couch/bed, watching TV, the lights are low or off and you can't find the remote, because every fucking remote is black for no apparent reason and beds and couches eat remotes.

  29. I kept hearing about how tough it was. Rented one during one of those ship shows and was very surprised how fast it got destroyed by bunker turrets.

  30. Yeah. I tried to fly in and land near a bunker and was surprised how fast I got destroyed. Kinda expected it to last longer

  31. Meh. It's alright I guess. Power supply doesn't fill the whole window and I can see cables. And no cable combs.

  32. For those that don't get it: A screwdriver is an alcoholic beverage, a mixture of 2 parts orange juice and 1 part vodka.

  33. Happy that I have the original circle dish and router with a physical reset.

  34. I have that router. I live in a concrete house, about 3000sqft and I keep the router setup in the basement. I still get signal at my neighbors house.

  35. Nah. I always buy the single most expensive router I can. Always gives me a better experience than any multi router setup. Plus I need my network as easy as possible for my wife when I'm away for work haha.

  36. The in betweens don't usually post an opinion. Kinda true for most fan bases

  37. This is crazy. My speeds stay great, gaming is great and they cut costs here in Italy. Hope the service in the US can catch up before it just fails.

  38. More importantly, that SSD better be SATA and not NVMe! Because if it’s NVMe, you better move that bitch up to that top slot!!!

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