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  1. I wish this guy was still around. I would hire come over to this house and fix everything that is wrong.

  2. Don't apologize! That is a super useful answer. I was very much getting the feeling I came late to the party.

  3. Agreed, it would be great to be a paid beta reader.

  4. Where I live, the grocery stores frequently move things around, and it seems most frustrating to elderly folks. Often while I am shopping, most obviously not an employee by dress, someone frail and elderly will ask me where something is now in the store since rearranged. Most of the time I just show them where it is, walking with them and talking to them while walking, (slowly). Sometimes when I do see an employee if I don't know either I will ask, but usually I have already searched until I find where things are. Some of the older folks are good with verbal directions to where something has been moved, but for sure those with hearing aids do better if shown. I find it fun and interesting to help a fellow shopper, (sometimes their stories are great!) and it gives me hope that someday when I get old if I need help someone will listen to me and help me too. They are usually very thankful. I am also tall, and get asked by elderly using the handicap motorized baskets to reach things for them. I guess I must have one of those faces.

  5. You, are now a free elf. Master has presented you with clothes!

  6. Hey- just found this sub today! Glad it is here.

  7. I wish it was this easy to really restore the castles. I also wish there hadn't been a "roof tax" in years past which caused owners to remove the roofs, increasing rate of degradation over years.

  8. It does get to the point you don't even think about smoking, unless you are around others who do, and then you wonder why you ever did. Especially when you see them all up in a tizzy rushing out to go buy smokes when they run out or right before running out. It is so nice not to have that anxiety. Also very nice not to have the cough and bleeding gums.

  9. Wow so sad about your Grampa, and Grandmom too, having all of that going on. Be safe in your trip, don't forget to eat and drink water, you have to stay strong to help them. ❤ and hugs. Edit- spelling

  10. Your yard is so clean he can't get it dirty!

  11. Finally caught up, wow! Came back to reddit from royalroad to make sure I hadn't missed anything! Looking forward to 119!

  12. That is such an embarrassment to this country. It's true, and I'm ashamed of our congress.

  13. That kitty is screaming "ear" which means,"I am hungry, you must help me find food".

  14. Look hard at the accessibility of your events. Can the heralds, royalty, and others speaking actually be heard and understood beyond the first row at court? When a herald makes an announcement that something is beginning in X minutes, can they be understood over the din of the chatter beyond “oyay oyay”? Can people with mobility devices maneuver easily through doors, around your site, and are the bathrooms accessible? When the events are outdoor, is there provision for seating out of the [sun/rain/other discomfort]? (Specifically thinking about courts held outside, when often everyone just stands in a clump or maybe brings their own chairs but there’s no setup to block the 110 degree sun here in Ansteorra, for example…). Are areas for gatherings and classes clearly marked? (Especially when court runs long and the classes aren’t starting on time so no one seems to really know what’s going on or where to direct anyone looking for the nalbinding class?) For those who have accessibility needs outside the “usual” do you clearly indicate on all advertising and social media who they should contact to find out if accommodations will be present or request what they need? And are those people adequately trained/informed to actually provide good information and/or arrange requested accommodations? I’m not saying only retirees have these needs, but the incidence of disability (both visible and invisible) rises significantly with age. And if it’s not obvious, I struggle with some of these myself. (I’m not retired yet, but I am a Gen X’r and since my disabilities have become an issue have gotten more educated and passionate about disability awareness and access rights.)

  15. Great reply. Hearing is a really nice invisible disability that affects going to events. Accessibility to water and shade too, as you said. Ground level or not, too many steps to climb, bathroom access without having to walk across a field. Just a few that are giving me thoughts about starting to go again.

  16. I’ve used this on my cook top which is not glass. Leave it for a few minutes. Sometimes the cleaner comes with a red scrub pad too. It’s worked well for me and it looks like I have a similar cook top as you.

  17. Now that I have found this series, rather late, looking forward to rewinding to the beginning and - !Yay! Binge-read!!!!!!

  18. Yes very much so far! On chapter 85, still slogging through reddit.

  19. Bombs that don't work without Pari spit, lol.

  20. I'm working hard to get you 107, I assure you. As for the rest, I don't think chapter 47 is the best place to discuss it :p. I HEAVILY encourage you to join the discord (link below the cover art above) if you use discord. That's the best place to discuss this sort of thing, and it's populated by a very fun bunch of hooligans like yourself. I even have a story progress channel for people to yell at me for not writing fast enough :p. See you on there, hopefully!

  21. This will sound dumb, but how do you get onto a discord ?

  22. Leave your comments on RR then. The platform doesn't matter, I just like talking to people.

  23. Enjoying the binging read but I have to sleep......zzzz

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