I steal carrier bags

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  1. You mean some people actually do pay for their bags at the self checkout?

  2. You can all make your own step-sister jokes.

  3. We’ll, Aziz, maybe try not being an ungrateful, superficial, asshole.

  4. It’s like chewbacca is raping pingu.

  5. Is this the first of those 100 articles someone is getting paid $15-20 each for?

  6. Wow, Tesla are so far behind the top robot builders.

  7. We absolutely need to protect, even increase green spaces in towns and cities, but if cities need to keep growing to accommodate the population, surrounding countryside should be sacrificed. It’s down to the councils and planning committees to manage the urban sprawl and ensure that the onus is on good living conditions and good town planning to gel communities together, lots of green spaces, good mass transit infrastructure.

  8. No we will lose our farms this way. We need them. You see empty land but I see it as land used by my cows and sheep. We're not wealthy landowners.

  9. In wales, almost 80% of the total land mass is given over to agriculture. Farm are very important, but in percentage terms we would lose much farming at all by reallocating some land for development.

  10. It was probably his third kill that day.

  11. Chunky soup, yes. Cream of mushroom or tomato, no.

  12. Do you get a 1.6gwh jolt of electricity?

  13. We need to make it a law that all coffins now should come with a spring loaded trigger tied to the lid, just like that jump scare spider box trick

  14. I expect the ancient Egyptians had a light dependent resistor they could’ve hooked up to a solenoid circuit to fire the spring once the coffin was opened.

  15. Vacuum rated arms are probably not too common. Cold welding is still a major issue

  16. There’s a big difference between something being space rated where is has to operate for years, and a one-off mission where it will be discarded after first use.

  17. When will they be blasting the next roadster into space then?

  18. Is he going to the store to buy milk, in full tactical gear?

  19. You can get by without cash in the UK anyway. I’ve not carried a wallet or cash for almost 3 years now.

  20. Is there a name for a gammon that’s gone incandescent?

  21. “It’s done, peace was made… probably the greatest peace treaty ever negotiated. Russia will stop all hostilities with immediate affect and all Ukraine have to do is join the Union of Russian Republics”.

  22. Besides you having exquisite taste and being very boring?

  23. Congratulations on your two watch collection.

  24. They failed to realise that someone who worked their way up from a working class background to £150k a year would be happy to pay their taxes and help their fellows up.

  25. Commercial landlords and inner city retail/hospitality companies… profits basically.

  26. Are you sure you wife wasn’t chuffing your AD’s bit?

  27. At least we didn’t need to sit through a video of them doing it.

  28. It must’ve been someone else then.

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