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  1. Central Ratsnake, Pantherophis alleghaniensis. !harmless rodent exterminator.

  2. Idk if this is the case for everyone, I don’t see the Brooklyn show listed in the verified fan sign up. Just LI and MSG.

  3. I’ve seen this sign hundreds of times on 90 but never thought to ask until now. Why charge a fee?

  4. There isn’t an actual fee charged, it’s largely a symbolic statement made by the nation to highlight past wrong doing. The Nation accepted a one time payment of $75,000 in 1954 to build the Thruway across its territory. In 2011, the nation characterized this payment as one that was done under pressure, and essentially demanded back payments, in form of a “toll”, for that wrong doing. The sign is assessing this “toll” as $675 mil; $1 per every car that’s traveled through Seneca land.

  5. I would highly recommend getting the "limited" model jersey vs the "game" jersey. It's well worth the extra money for the nicer dri fit material and stiched letters. I promise your bf will really appreciate it.

  6. Do this! I bought a “game” one a couple weeks ago to retire my Jerry Hughes and the quality was very poor. It was as if it was made to fit a starfish. Go limited. They do run a bit more fitted. So if the bf needs some room or if he wants to fit some layers underneath it, maybe consider going +1 up in sizing.

  7. I was god at 8 years old running Shotgun All Streaks tossing bombs to Randy Moss on the only Dreamcast within 50 miles.

  8. I honestly see someone who's tired of being around people lmao. My face looks like that when my social battery is empty

  9. Agreed. This is a classic Berenstain Bears “Too Much Birthday” situation.

  10. Not sure where you’re located, but Fulton Ale House in Bed Stuy BK is where I would suggest going. Not sure what the turn out would be like on draft night, but it’s a good Bills bar owned by a couple from Buffalo.

  11. Can you explain this a little further ? The text says “You must remove one Keeper warrior from each clearing that has four or more Keeper warriors.”

  12. 4+ is inclusive of four. The error I was pointing out is not the threshold at which you are removing warriors, but the number of warriors being removed. You will only ever remove a single warrior from each clearing, no matter how many warriors more than 3 they have. So a clearing with 8 Keeper warriors will have 7 after Live off the Land, but many people misinterpret it so that the clearing would have 3 warriors after Live off the Land.

  13. I heard it was the number one show in the city last night in terms of value, entertainment and quality!

  14. These are a great, affordable plastic deck. After a lot of usage, you’ll get some wear on the graphic; nothing that should discourage you from purchasing. These also have a non-glossy textured finish that helps prevent them from sliding all over.

  15. Since it’s your first Id get there an hour before tipoff at least. Walk around the concourses and check out all the cool memories plastered all over, MSG is such a fantastic place. I’d reccomend hitting a bar pre game if you’re drinking as it’s a little more pricey inside. And then have fun!

  16. I use the Harrows Damon Hetas. Have a similar shape, not too grippy, slightly front loaded.

  17. I have one! My friend bought one for me last season and I fixed it to a thick chain. It is available every game, but only gets wagged in appropriate moments.

  18. I have a Corona and I’m happy with it. I will say, it’s pricey and there are alternate ways to light up your board (I’m sure you can find some DIY stuff that’s been posted) but I’ve never regretted it.

  19. What a difference a year makes. I miss last season. At the end of last season I was SURE Allen would own the AFC east for his entire career. Now, not as sure.

  20. I watch for the crippling eyes-open-at-3 am-why-can’t-we-score-more-in-the-red-area purposes.

  21. At concerts I like singing along, but get self conscious about what my face is doing. Mask has made that part of seeing shows easier.

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