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  1. Idk dude. I don't go outside much. The world is changing and I'm scared and angry.

  2. No mames ¿por qué? ¿Cómo es que la basura llegó a Hollywood?

  3. Tipico mexicano acomplejado con mentalidad de cangrejo.

  4. Porque dice que sufre mucho por ser moreno pero tuvo una hija con una güerita a la que no le paga la pensión porque como es moreno no consigue trabajo de actor (sic)

  5. Comentario pendejo del hilo. Es como decir que un negro de estados unidos no se puede quejar por haber sufrido de discriminacion si esta casado con una mujer blanca.

  6. Me When my step sister accidentally gave me double cancer with no cure :

  7. He was only the best because none of the Z-Fighters had participated in the World Marshal Arts Tournament the previous year, pretty sure his power level is like 10

  8. Lmao come on dude, you have to be pretty dumb to actually believe Mr Satan is only twice as strong as the farmer that Raditz killed.

  9. You think it was reasonable for Chichi to be mad about how her 4 year old son, who was kidnapped by an Alien for a year, barely survived a fight with Aliens, and then wants to get on an Alien spaceship, to go to an Alien planet, light years away, to revive the dead Alien that kidnapped him?

  10. Kinda fucked up when you realize that Gohan's love and admiration for Piccolo started as straight up stockholm syndrome after the green bastard kidnapped him while Gohan was mourning his loving father who was killed by Piccolo himself.

  11. This is why I will never understand people who try to force the "Piccolo is a better father than Goku" thing

  12. It's because Piccolo sacrificed himself to save Gohan in such a dramatic scene with flashbacks and slow-mo included. Which is good and all but many people also seem to forget that Goku gave his life to save Gohan two times, but they are not as memorable.

  13. Then how are you supposed to reach the Haligtree? You need to enter Castle Sol and ask Niall for the medallion, even if you were an albinauric or something else.

  14. may be Niall would gladly give it to you if you are an albinauric rather than a murderous tarnished guided by the grace of the erdtree?

  15. No, we can literally avoid attacking every single guard in Castle Sol and Niall will still attack us on sight. Besides we are literally being accompanied by an albinauric, Latenna, and the old fucker still want to kill us.

  16. It's a dumb take to point to that as making power levels irrelevant. Goku fought at about 60k against Reecome, Jeice and Burter. Vs Ginyu who had 120k Goku uses the Kaioken and goes all the way to 180k, Ginyu switched bodies and could only use up around 20k. Goku speculate Ginyu needs time to get used to the new body before he can use it's full strength, and he would probably not be able to use the Kaioken because that requires training.

  17. Maybe because the zenkai that Goku got after fighting the Ginyu Force allowed him to fight Frieza in his final form which has a power level of 4,240,000 when not fighting seriously. That means Goku's zenkai multiplied his power level by 35 at the least, which is ridiculous and clear evidence that characters get stronger without any logic. Why bother waste time trying to calculate power levels when they are random as fuck?

  18. Lmao those incompetents at ArcSys make us wait half a year for the next patch only to NOT adress the real issue with their retarded character which is the dmg nerf.

  19. This is Bandai Namco's game, not Arcsys. Arcsys can't do anything without Bandai's say so. Considering Lab Coat 21 mirrors the release of Leroy and Fahkumram from Tekken 7 (one of which was confirmed to have been made absurdly powerful) I wouldn't doubt they told Arc to make Lab Coat absurdly powerful for sales.

  20. Right. Namco Bandai especifically requested that 21 had a permanent dmg debuff, that's totallt what happened.

  21. The patch is not even out yet, you literally dont know how hard will be to land it. And landing a normal grab is not even hard to begin with so it will probably be the same with this crap, the stupid dmg nerf should be completely gone

  22. It won’t grab during hit stun meaning it cannot be done in combos it has to be landed raw

  23. Which again, is not hard. You can do it after a lvl3, when the enemy whiffs a vanish, or do it when the enemy thinks you are gonna start a blockstring.

  24. They 100% did and also don't realize the influence they have on game development. Look at someone like JackFrags who played a bunch of Warzone. He's known as a BF player, but then he goes and plays a bunch of Warzone and BF devs think they need to make BF a BR game for guys like him.

  25. Right, Dice turned Battlefield 2042 into this mediocre scrapped battle royal game because Jack Frags plays too much CoD. Is not like, you know, Dice are a bunch of clowns that haven't been able to have a decent launch since Battlefield 1.

  26. Mandatory ESO recommendation. In my opinion it's the best MMO out there if you're into story, lore and exploration

  27. I'm really interested in trying ESO out, but how populated it is? I've seen its player count on steamdb and for a mmo their numbers seem extremely low.

  28. Either the Hunter or Sekiro because Malenia feels like a boss that came out of those two games.

  29. Same here, really wanted the dark souls remake....well money will go somewhere else

  30. Sucks but it was predictable, the Dark Souls franchise hasn't seen a discount for the steam summer sale in the last two years.

  31. but why? why did ds remastered's price suddenly spike recently? even on key-websites it goes for like $30!

  32. Many new players are riding the FromSoftware hype train after playing Elden Ring, their previous games are selling more than before so the prices will increase.

  33. Some of the sale prices arent even that good. been better just on the "weekly" sales. like rdr2 and cyberpunk for example

  34. You're wrong, RDR2 hasn't been lower than its current discounted price.

  35. looks bad, glad I spent mine on the previous Winter badge

  36. I stopped after getting the last bear badge, those stupid gnome badges were ugly as fuck.

  37. Yeah but she's also a Redhead and we know how Hollywood feels about those lately lol

  38. Oh boy, can't wait for the Brave live action remake where Merida is played by a black actress.

  39. downvoted for telling the truth. All the heavy armor in ER is horrible

  40. Imagine having such awful taste... The crucible and champion sets alone are a thousand times better than almost every heavy armor set in the Dark Souls franchise.

  41. Want to learn about a famous historical figure you dont know almost nothing about? Wikipedia is free, available in many languages, and has a lot of reliable information.

  42. Been there done that all looks like what your typical despot of a secondary power does only that she's a female your point?

  43. I Saw a post a while back that speculated Malenia was miquellas shadow.

  44. Which doesnt make sense because the Baleful Shadows more than bodyguards are sleeping agents that have orders to kill their empyrean if they go rogue. Why would Miquella's Two Finger ever accept Malenia as his shadow when she was so devoted to him? She would probably kill herself before harming Miquella.

  45. Idk how society has convinced everyone of this way of thinking.

  46. So basically, "Look at their expensive stuff! If I didn't rob them someone would've done it anyways! Might as well get some fancy stuff because why not?"

  47. + the ms marvel show is just bad and cringe

  48. Some series are good because they are so bad. Meanwhile Kenobi is just a mediocre and disappointing mess.

  49. Every fantasy series pales in comparison, but there is an ocean of good books out there that are not fantasy.

  50. Then you should read more Fantasy dude. There are a decent amount of series that are as good as asoiaf, some are even better considering those actually have an ending.

  51. I'm much more of an individual book guy than a series guy, so that's probably where our main difference lies, because I don't think you're really respecting just how good ASOS is. If we're just objectively measuring every aspect that makes up a book, that is about as good as a book can be. Its competition is not other fantasy books, but the greatest books of all time. I don't really care if this or any other series is concluded or not, unless it means I get another ASOS (which I believe Winds has the potential to be). Going from that book to other fantasy books is like going from Back to the Future to your average blockbuster or whatever, i.e. going from the peak of the medium to mediocrity. Unless you just like fantasy, I don't see the reason to continue with this genre after ASOIAf.

  52. Right... The brilliant old tired argument of some elitist fans. "ASOIAF is not really fantasy but a true literary master piece, otherwise why did I like it? Asoiaf is so good despite being a fantasy work and not because it's fantasy."

  53. It’s better than Boba Fett.

  54. Mine is that it's the Great Rune. In the story trailer he's shown towering above Malenia. And then in an earlier slide he's the same size as Morgott. No reason for it to be anything except the Great Rune.

  55. Except his great rune doesnt give any indication about Radahn's massive size.

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