1. It could absolutely be said about every other advancement and people tried to stop those advancements then too.

  2. And AI is nothing like these things in terms of impact. AI will change us far more than any of these things.

  3. Dude AI will not change us more than those things, that is an insane take. You think AI is more revolutionary than the invention of cars?

  4. How can you not!?!? You HAVE to understand that we just started at the bottom of a VERY large exponential explosion of intelligence upward.

  5. But the tripod just holds the camera doesn't it? I don't see how that makes it blurry

  6. It's blurry from movement. With a tripod there is no movement. Hence less blurry.

  7. I didn't understand who Elon Musk was ~10 years ago so just kinda assumed Tesla would follow Lucid's current arc of being a niche luxury electric car maker, like

  8. I remember the first time i played the game, it hit me harder than the episode actually.

  9. The first time I played I didn't have a daughter. The second time I played I did and that part damn near broke me.

  10. •Sell extremely overpriced put contracts to make money with premiums while also being able to get shares you want at a good price if you get assigned ❌

  11. I legit want to learn. What is an example of selling an overpriced put? And how do you make money off premiums?

  12. Can we pleeease finally get that Model 3. It was showcased a year ago and still not here

  13. Classic “if it doesn’t happen to me, it’s not real” syndrome lol.

  14. Well, are you or aren't you in a poor coverage area? The primary reason it wouldn't work right is poor cell coverage.

  15. So if I’m a poor coverage area, Spotify auto logs me out of the app?

  16. Bluetooth and Spotify are two totally unrelated items. If you're Spotify doesn't load right then you're out of coverage and you should check the coverage you have in your area.

  17. You need a combination of different control mechanisms and (here's the part that no one wants to do) real active moderation.

  18. You're a fool if you think you can throw humans at problems of this scale.

  19. Same way everyone else does? It's not like this is a unique problem.

  20. So please tell, me how is everyone else dealing with them? Last I check ALL major platforms are plagued by bots.

  21. My dad pulled one of my loose teeth out but at the exact moment he pulled he also smacked me in the forehead to both distract me and also help get the tooth out easier when my head went back. 🙃( I assume, anyway)

  22. It’s not even a GT. It’s ’s a 4 cylinder Ecoboost - the cheapest Mustang available. What an asshole.

  23. Imagining being so dumb you can’t understand what’s going on there.

  24. So you think Elon sat down and picked 8 random people to get slightly more attention to what? Save twitter?

  25. I'm right now in between deciding between the Ford Mach E and Tesla Model Y. My main reason to consider the Ford is the fact that Ford as a brand has dealerships EVERYWHERE. I am fairly certain that if my Mach E were to have an issue I could get it fixed and get a loaner every time.

  26. I have a model Y and any service item was resolved by a friendly dude coming by my house. I much prefer that to needing to drive somewhere to get it fixed like with Ford. The dealer locations does not mean you'll have a better service experience.

  27. Imagine this from the dog's perspective. Just a random soft creature appears some day to guide him through life. Beautiful.

  28. Tried doing this and I just look like an idiot. Way harder than I thought.

  29. Here is a scientific paper stating that ChatGPT4 has "sparks of general intelligence". This wasn't supposed to happen for another 20 years.


  31. Because all CEO's are evil then surely this one is too? You're an utter moron. Listen to the interview THEN make a judgment.

  32. AI really is going to destroy us, huh? All these people and so few that can tell when something isn't real...

  33. Or not. I made it five months with a 2018 Model 3 until I gave up with the garbage quality and service. It was a constant source of stress.

  34. Tesla service comes to your house and is incredible. By far the best app and technology, by far best charging network, most interior space, etc.

  35. Great work! There's something about the lighting in this that got me pumped up about life for some reason lol. I can't put my finger on it

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