1. Is this even a question? That would have been in my cart before I even clicked buy now.

  2. The anti-imperialism leaving my body the moment any country does regressive, fascist shit…

  3. Ned Stark dies pressing Stannis’ claim to the throne

  4. Now I have to imagine Stannis hunched over at a computer writing million word text walls about how awful Robert was (while having his posters on the wall behind him)

  5. Wtf people out here throwing away full 2070 systems while I’m still trying to coax a few more years out of my 1070

  6. I got my Vega 64 from the trash so it is not surprising that rich people just throw out “broken” things.

  7. Sansa Stark. SHE IS A KID you wanks, with her worst crimes being that she is whiny and naive.

  8. The idea that Stannis will be a glorified plot device to clear the way for the stark kids. It's kind of weird when you think about it, D&D did it because they didn't like Stannis. Here everyone loves Stannis but everyone's just decided he won't have anymore impact other than allowing the stark kids to come back and do cool stuff

  9. That is why the ultimate troll by George would be him somehow living to the end.

  10. No. Henry VIII, while cruel and I guess mad towards the end, was actually a decent king for his time. Aegon IV is the worst king Westeros ever had according to George; a corrupt and gluttonous bully who pitted his courtiers against each other for no reason other than why not, practically celebrated when his sister and brother died, and set the course for 50 years of civil war through his last act.

  11. i legit wonder if people here will let the by now lame jokes about season 8 die one day

  12. Sitting like that means kitty is very comfortable and you can’t even see his parts so you I suggest getting a new MIL 🙃🙃

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