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  1. Daemon’s one liners are why Aemond just doesn’t quite become his equal. Boy needs to work on his shit talking if saying the word strong is as witty as he gets.

  2. Minor spoilers, but Aegon II gets some mean one liners if you want to look them up.

  3. In the Vale men are said to fuck sheep instead of women. And I assure you, the sheep are prettier.

  4. Seems like you got ripped off, that device doesn’t play DVD’s. I’ll give you 21 bucks and a bag of skittles for it, take that off your hands 🙃

  5. My boy Edric storm crying in lys. He is Robert's recognized bastard.

  6. Seems bizarre they compare OpenGL and Vulkan and omit DX12, which people will use far more often.

  7. People really can’t grasp that a previous lord Velaryon probably married a black lady thus explaining Corlys/kin’s dark skin?

  8. Can’t be worse than some of the truly galaxy brain shit takes I’ve seen on the main Hot D sub.

  9. God dammit why is it CM Pepsi being proven correct? But seriously: you’re a young wrestler and a vet like Regal shows up offering to teach you things, why would you NOT take that?

  10. I lubricated the rail, now it work perfectly!

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