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  1. Someone please give me the specific name for whatever this fetish is I need to go down a rabbit hole

  2. Isn't it just one of those mud spas or something?

  3. I got no clue either way if i'm 100% honest, and I'm afraid to look deeper.

  4. If that were true, mine wouldn't be as bad as they are now due to years of intermittent self destructive neglect.

  5. As you being a woman a self defense claim would be well warranted.

  6. Do you mean to imply that a man who is just doing his job, but likely should have knocked harder and waited a bit longer should have been hurt or killed?

  7. Have people ever lived in apartments before? Wtf. They are acting like he was trying to break in. She said “they need to come when I can hide my stuff”. It was an emergency.

  8. The guy is basically being treated like a potential rapist when the only thing on his mind was dreading the next clogged shitter he was being called to fix.

  9. It's a weird idea but I feel agnosticism would be strangely common in the world of dnd, or at least something similar, less 'if god/s exist they don't care' and more just the second half 'god/s don't care'

  10. And like any other time the debate comes up, you provide the textbook example of throwing out words that don't mean what you want them to mean in context. Not your fault, you're at least showing nuance, and the 'proper' words are rather niche and archaic.

  11. Well TIL what Alatrism is so thanks for covering my something new every day

  12. Oh hey, didn't expect to see my genetic disease on reddit today. I too have mine internal, and have already had to have my first spine surgery, it's fun.

  13. So, what happens if you kill your patron? Just, no more levels? Or could you extrapolate based on what you’ve already learned to level up? Need a new one?

  14. Respect for the MCR backstory, but I fail to see how that makes him an Oathbreaker lol

  15. Oathbreaker is probably the most consistently unread and confidently incorrectly memed subclasses on this subreddit.

  16. Subclass, almost definitely. Topic? I mean "you can't cast two leveled spells in one turn" amd "rogues have to be unnoticed for sneak attack to work" exist.

  17. They exist yeah, but are often corrected and dropped. People fight against the official stance on how oathbreakers work a LOT to try to play one that isn't objectively evil.

  18. I was always under the assumption that part of the portal being made kinda claymores the bags contents outwards. In that case a fucktonne of gold coins I would chalk up to everyone in spitting distance becoming porous.

  19. That's a common meme and sometimes ruling for turning one inside out, but by default, it just says the contents 'spill out', no specified force.

  20. I've missed something while I was asleep obviously. Will check news.

  21. Jan 6 insurrectionist attacked an FBI building with a nail gun and then got a rifle from his car to engage in a shootout with the FBI to die amongst corn.

  22. I don't know what can get higher than attempting to sell US nuclear weapon secrets.

  23. If we didn't have the EC college she would have won too.

  24. If X, Y, or Z was different she might have won, but that mental rabbit-hole goes far too deep, and is kind of pointless.

  25. Agreed, but it's quite literally 'the people collectively voted for one, and the EC gave us another'

  26. Oh thank god, it's actually still satire, for now.

  27. You know with all those red fucking caps that have been sold over the last few years I've only personally saw one person actually wearing one in public. I've seen them on TV and I've seen them hanging in flea market shops but hardly anyone wears them.

  28. Ignore all the the ridiculous posturing and how illegal that would be to do for purely political reasons (always projection with these idiots) a moment.

  29. I'm actually backing the blue on this one, and I feel very conflicted about it

  30. It's just acknowledging when they keep to the purview of their job, and actually do it.

  31. Calm the fuck down and read other replies. The rules of the sub say you gotta slant things a certain way for top comments.

  32. If nothing else, I'd say cause he was backing up with people two his sides while firing.

  33. Once we get to the point where everything devolves into 'rule 0', 'up to the dm', and 'who cares just let people have fun' arguments, it's time to ban the debate.

  34. Depends on the contract, that's why character background is important to the game!

  35. Some contracts have the patron 'implant' magic into the warlock, yes, but it's still wholly the characters' once they have it.

  36. Because the contract is fulfilled by the time you get your powers.

  37. Gotta love when 90% of the comment section is calling OP an idiot for getting their information blatantly wrong

  38. Of course. What I don't get is that people are reacting to this meme like I'm telling them that they're playing wrong.

  39. It's from the same spawning area of annoyance people get when people make memes of specific situations, campaigns, or in-jokes they aren't a part of.

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