1. I’m thinking either April 7 or on April 7 they announce a June 2nd release date. If April 7 they could always announce on 12/28 (Zeke’s death date and then actual death date)

  2. What totally baffles me about her character is how when she’s first introduced into the story, she says that she’s “turning 30”… but then she’s like BFFs with Olive… who’s supposed to be 15-18ish. Like, I understand that she’s going to be immature because she was locked up by her parents for a while, but there’s something very cringey about her “looking up to Olive” and wistfully wearing her clothes and stuff, just because of the age difference. If she was written as a 15-18 year old it would make more sense… but when you remember that she’s 30, it just feels uncomfortable

  3. RIGHT I need a better villain not a a 20 something with mommy issues who acts 12

  4. I’m confused because Josh Dallas’s description of the ending is quite opposite to Luna’s and then you have Melissa saying they make it to the death date and then yes and no (in terms of getting past it) lol so idk.

  5. I was thinking about this last night and I told my friend I've already finished all the seasons including the newest one and I told her that I hope it's not a reset I really hope because I would be kind of bummed that like oh the next day after the death date they're just back to normal everyone's back to life no one's dead and everything's hunky-dory I'm like okay great we went through all of this only for them to just go back to a default reset state.

  6. The rest would more so be to April 7 2013 and the plane would land safely (that’s the theory)

  7. Because doomsday is literally coming? Makes sense to me that with that looming close you’ll see more of the “signs” showing closer together.

  8. Yes but they were studying the plane. I guess it makes sense for it to be happening now but then why the gap between Alzura’s and now?

  9. Is all conjecture ofc, but Alzuras came back for a reason too —do we know their why, nope, not yet, but maybe it was even their own apocalypse way back when that they were successful in stopping ?

  10. Hhhaha tbh at this point we are all possibly reading everything wrong who even knows anymore 😂

  11. I’m hoping they can, seeing as he didn’t die of natural causes (he took Cal’s disease for him) so “magic” got him into this and maybe “magic” can get him out. Idk what to call it for now so magic it is lol

  12. Lol I love these and now I want to watch some but I’m getting cross eyes jumping back and forth between comments. Would love if anyone has time to compile all the recco’s into a list!

  13. Watch Lost and don’t look at any spoilers or listen to negative opinions. It’s such an amazing show

  14. Agree! Pay close attention especially in the last episode so you can enjoy the ending

  15. Interesting! I had a teacher in highschool point out all the three’s (and seven’s) in the Bible as well so I wonder if it’s all connected back to religion again

  16. I mean, he is like 14-15 all of a sudden in a 19-20 year olds body. He doesn’t go to school, doesn’t spend much time around other people his age and overall probably hasn’t matured so it didn’t surprise me much or bug me considering the circumstances

  17. not mistake but the amount of times that the main cast simply teleport across town or other cities is amazing

  18. Right like they’re just bouncing around the boroughs so nonchalantly 😂

  19. So TJ definitely asks if there are any seats left on the later flight and the woman confirms there is one seat left. But perhaps it’s one seat left for the voucher offer? Since they were paying compensation, it’s possible they were only looking for a certain number of passengers to switch to 828 from the Stone family’s original flight (that TJ was also on). When TJ accepted the offer they might have got down to capacity for the original flight (rather than over capacity), so there were no more seats available on that compensation offer? (Bit if a stretch and it probably is a continuity error, but you can kind of make it work…)

  20. My theory is that she wasn’t supposed to be on the flight for whatever reason. I think (and hope they take it this direction) that Olive is an integral part in all of this they just haven’t realized it yet but she’s literally one half of twins and Gemini is one of the largest clues so far

  21. I saw an interview in which Melissa said she wanted Drea and Saanvi to be a couple and tbh I ship it

  22. DAMN RIGHT, they keep teleporting across town, i would add better antagonist cuz Angelina should be gone on s3

  23. Hahahaha 100% I’m like how the heck are they bouncing back and forth between the boroughs like that? 😂

  24. I think between Olive and Zeke’s jobs with no mortgage to pay, likely life insurance from Grace’s death and having sold their house (probably since we don’t see it again) they probably have enough to get by

  25. The flight was supposedly full but it was later revealed that there were 14 open seats. If there were 14 open seats and TJ took the last seat, was it a set up to keep the rest of the family from going?

  26. I have another post on my theory re: Olive’s role and part of it is based on the fact that she WASNT supposed to be on the plane

  27. I was asking if, similar to the passengers, Zeke entered the Divine Consciousness when he died, but your response made me reread my comment and interpret it a different way! There was lightning during the showdown with Jace, Pete, and Kory after they had kidnapped Cal, which explains how they came back to life. How exactly did Zeke come back to life the first time around?

  28. I do not remember thinking much of that line the first time I heard it, but this is my interpretation of it now: Early in the season, Michaela and Saanvi say the death date is eighteen months away, so we know it is currently winter. Zeke died in a cave, so “Brown Bear went back into the cave” could be a metaphor that signifies Zeke’s figurative return to the cave, i.e., second (well, third) death. On the other hand, you could focus on the fact that being in the cave saved his life. Was he in the Divine Consciousness? Has he returned to it?

  29. I thought the same when I heard the line. Also Zeke technically died on his original death date just three years later. Because the last episode of part 1 took place 12/28/22

  30. I just hope they don’t break our hearts kind of like Prison Break (before the latest season) or Dawson’s Creek

  31. The thing is, if the callings are just memories from their time in the glow, wouldn’t that mean that in the future they DID save Angelina, Cal DID insist she stays at the house, etc and they are just remembering that they did those things vs. the calling itself pushing them to do it? Like think of it this way, say all time exists at all times, then their future selves already did all these things and are simply reminding them to do it again. It would mean that (similar to Lost) no matter how hard they try, the cannot change their fate because it’s already happened, whatever IT is, but would explain why the callings told them to save her because they’re just remembering what they already did.

  32. I fully pause whenever I see numbers thinking I’m gonna reveal some math puzzle

  33. Haha same. Like Michaela’s apartment number was 414 which x 2 is 828 and I’m here like are these are red herrings or is there something we are supposed to catch? 😂

  34. She has the brain of a twelve year old. She was kept captive by her parents, so she now has the emotional intelligence of a potato.

  35. Also why does everyone treat Angelina as if she were Olive’s age? Isn’t she closer to Mick’s age? Actress does a great job but everyone treats her like a teenager and she’s nearly 30 at this point lol

  36. I don’t know about Mick and Zeke ever meeting again, but I would really like to see Eden and Grace meet somehow, even if it’s only through a calling.

  37. I feel like they could still have her! Like say they land in April of 2013 because the plane never disappeared, Cal is still going through cancer so they need to wait, Grace and Ben have some marital problems and separate so she starts seeing Danny, it doesn’t work out and Ben and Grace find their way to each other again and she gets pregnant with Eden. I saw another theory on here about how all characters could still connect even if the plane landed safely if you want to check that out!

  38. Given how Josh has been gushing about how perfect the ending is, I’m opting for option #2.

  39. I feel like if they manage to somehow reconnect all characters like have Zeke and Michaela still meet, etc, I could live with this ending

  40. While it may not be everyone’s favorite, it is revélame in driving the poor forward. It’s the reason he was able to do what he did at the end of S4 ep 10

  41. I feel like it was on purpose. I have a separate theory on this re: Olive’s role in everything but she tried to get on that flight and they told her TJ got the last voucher. Yet somehow there were several empty seats on the flight so I think it was meant to happen that way

  42. So that would mean seasons 1-3 cover exactly 2 years, right? Nov 4, 2018 is when the plane first lands if I remember right. And I'm assuming the "last seen" date would be the night of the S3 finale?

  43. Wait wasn’t Zeke’s death date 12/28/2019 originally? Or maybe I’m crazy but I could’ve sworn he died and came back to life on 12/28/2019 in that lake scene. So if the last episode is 12/282022 does that mean he did end up dying on his death date just two years later than he was supposed to?

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