1. Aside from Jean though, there's no Anemo support whose kit is a strong match for Xiao. And Jean's among the five hardest characters in the game to pull, meaning there's lots of people who just can't get her no matter how much they want/need her. I've gotten 2 Keqings, 2 Monas and 1 Qiqi, but still no Jean or Diluc.

  2. This ! When people bring up sucrose not buffing or healing I usually just say run Bennett and zhongli but laid out like this… it would be nice to have an all in one support for xiao. We are forced to make the best of a subpar situation. Congrats you’ve changed my mind! Xiao support when???

  3. I’m gonna try to address everything you’ve said.

  4. The best freshman dorms are the ones on College Ave or Moore/Strong I believe. If you can get a suite (The Quad/Jefferson Suites) those are also sick.

  5. I'm not hearing many good things about moore/strong but I do like the rooms.

  6. Moore strong is pretty bad ngl. It's not kept clean and the dorms aren't all that great. Unless it's a suite I wouldn't recommend

  7. Is it really that bad? The rooms are pretty big and I like the furniture that comes with the room. Do you have any info on Reynolds?

  8. Couldn't imagine how you gonna file tax return later.

  9. Is this a joke? It better be a joke. Becuase I barely know how to do my taxes now... and you're telling me I have to add a scholarship to it? I will never know peace.

  10. You have a lot of good comments here. +1 on Community College, but also, if determined to go the four-year route, select a professional major and a department that will go the extra mile to help place you. Examples: Nursing, journalism, engineering (many types!), business … there are others but it also depends on the institution. Good luck!

  11. That’s actually a really good idea. Thank you!

  12. One of them is but I’m not sure about the other. He makes a manageable amount of money but he lives like he’s low income. We don’t talk very much so I don’t expect much help from him anyways.

  13. At my old school I wasn’t popular but me and my name were common knowledge. I only hung out with a closed group of friends but random people would say hi to me. At my current school I don’t really talk to anyone because I only have a few friends.

  14. I get a small whiff when they get close and in that moment I decide if I should breathe their air or not. I prefer people who smell like nothing or have really soft scents

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