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  1. Two teams, the red jerseys and the blue jerseys. Red jersey guy is up to bat and another red jersey guy is in third base, the left side. When the batter hits the ball, he has to run to first base, but the guy on third doesn’t have to run, he could have stayed there, but he wanted to try to score, so he ran home. In order to get third base red jersey guy out and prevent him from scoring, blue jersey guys would have to tag him with the ball. Typically the fielders (blue jerseys) do a sort of “pickle in the middle” thing where they toss the ball back and forth with the runner in between until they either get close enough to tag him or he escapes and is safe either back at third base or scoring at home, but the pitcher ran faster than him and tagged him out. Then while all that is happening the batter who would have been safe at first base, ran to second base, and thought the blue jersey guys were distracted and thought maybe he could make it all the way to third base, but the pitcher chased him down and tagged him out before he could dive back to second base. Blue jersey pitcher was very fast… I hope some of that makes sense, baseball is one of my favorite sports so I’m not always good at explaining it to those who don’t watch the sport.

  2. You can only tag the base to get them out when the runner is forced to run. So like if there’s a guy on first base and the batter hits the ball he has to run to second base, so you can tag second base and the runner is out. But if the base before them is open, like if the runner was on second base but no one was on first base, he doesn’t have to run, so tagging third base doesn’t do anything, you have to tag him if he runs.

  3. Oooooooo they look mad! I think somebunny is looking for treats!

  4. Same. My brain started fried and useless, this just caused it to come to a halt.

  5. I think this may possibly have been readable as intended if they had each individual word in a separate color. As is, this is most definitely one of the top crappy designs of all time.

  6. I’m a physician, and I don’t remember that it was retracted from lack of demand. I automatically assumed, since so many of my patients developed severe side effects and Lyme like symptoms that were prolonged, that they just took it off the market due to too many adverse events.

  7. Could be both. If there was something that had bad adverse effects, I wouldn’t want that, so demand would drop.

  8. Hey hey hey are you an antivaxxer sir? Might have to publicly shame you here

  9. Definitely not anti vax. I’m vaccinated with everything available, but the Lyme disease vaccine definitely had major side effects which is most likely it’s #1 reason to be pulled, but it also probably depends on a side effect/demand thing too, like if doctors and patients deem the side effects worth it for the sake of the vaccine, then maybe it wouldn’t have been pulled if the demand was there, but it definitely wasn’t worth the risks so demand dropped and then it got pulled.

  10. Of course it’s an unprecedented search of former presidents personal residence. No other former president has ever done anything of any interest to the FBI before.

  11. Idk this game, but I used to play something similar and once you got the final word using all the letters, it moved you onto the next round and you couldn’t go back and guess the shorter words. So she might not be aiming specifically at 3-letter words, just every shorter word cuz it does show a substantial number that she still hasn’t guessed yet

  12. Wishing death on someone without knowing the facts is pretty messed up. People don’t often intentionally go that fast, run a red light and slam into cross traffic which is so obviously in their way. At this point I’d say it is MORE like that the driver was out of control due to either a health issue or mechanical failure than they were just speeding or something.

  13. Thank you! I couldn't be as polite as this. I read everything they wanted and went, so basically they want their buns to stop being buns!

  14. Stop chewing?!?! HAHAHAHA! My sweet lady rabbit is nice and only chews my wife’s shoes and purses, of which I can buy her new ones. And then there’s Dale…he chews cables and has got to so much of my baseboard I’m hoping he chews it all to an even profile before I repaint. Oh, and they do all this while ignoring tpys.

  15. Or maybe Dale will chew off your entire baseboards so you can just buy new ones from the hardware store and you have a nice clean wall to attach it to lol

  16. It may be a bone apple tea, but they’re not wrong. My favorite annual meteor shower peaks later this week, but I already went meteor gazing this weekend and spotted some already.

  17. I so want to see it but it's pretty much impossible from my garden, and I'm not going to be able to convince anybody to drive out into the country at 3am to watch it lol.

  18. Lol I used to live in a very light-polluted city and couldn’t see it from anywhere I lived either. I convinced 2 different friends on two different years to drive with me till we could see stars. We ended up finding this parking lot off the highway that was large and dark that was a pretty great view of the meteor shower the first year and I went back to the same place with my other friend the next year… it just happened to be a random small town strip club off the highway that was filled with trucks… but ya know, it was a good meteor shower place too! Lol

  19. Same, but knowing my knife skills, if I had a knife that sharp, I’d probably slice off some finger too

  20. Mango roses are red (from my blood) and my face is blue (due to the massive hemorrhage from my hand) this food is ruined, and my day is too

  21. I still don’t follow this at all. I was good until the “written as…” part. I don’t get how to get from the “so” to the “written as” part.

  22. (5x-10) - (2y-yx) can also be written as i.e, after splitting it into its factors (x-2)(5+y)

  23. Thank you for repeating exactly what you said, that’s so helpful 🙄

  24. I have a small gourd that I got as a Halloween decoration one year… I think it’s 20 years old now. It’s been dried out and the seeds from the inside shake like a maraca. Idk how it managed to dry perfectly and never molded, but it happened.

  25. I guess, gourds aren't so moist and don't make a great living place for mold, especially if stored in dark dry place.

  26. It probably depends on the type. Pumpkins are also types of gourds and those definitely mold… I know that also from personal experience lol the one I have that dried perfectly was one that is even shaped like a maraca, which is also why I kept it, natures little musical instrument lol

  27. My personal favorite is the “1/10 of 1%” instead of just saying 0.1%

  28. Generally speaking, yes, the company requiring you to move is a significant change in employment terms, and you would be eligible for unemployment.

  29. You have to apply for unemployment in the state where the work is being done, not where you live. Idk how that works for remote work since you’re performing work duties in one state but the work is for a company and you are being paid from another state. Also in my state, it doesn’t matter the reason, if you quit, you’re not eligible for unemployment payments. OP would have to say they’re not moving and have the company lay them off for not relocating, then they’d be eligible

  30. This was my dad. He wouldn’t let me get a pet when I was a kid, so the first thing I did when I moved out was adopt a zoo lol he did buy me loads of stuffed animals when I was a kid though, he said they were better than pets cuz you didn’t have to feed or walk them, that also turned into a stuffed animal obsession collection, so now I have a lot of fuzzy things to cuddle with, and some of them eat my food

  31. he's older, it's likely to be the longer period :(

  32. He’s not 70, he’s only in his 30s. 30yr old bones aren’t any worse than 20yr old bones when it comes to healing.

  33. Because you don’t win medals for that round, you can only advance to the next round. You want to save as much energy or injury risk prevention for the final when it really counts

  34. But how you finish in the semis matters for lane placement in the final

  35. Ah, yea I can see that. Capitalize on those people who don’t wanna waste time driving long distances.

  36. Where i am i see it ranging from 4.25 to 4.99 so it must depend on suppliers and transportation as well.

  37. Wow, that’s quite the price gap. I was surprised by the range I got here, but that’s quite nuts. Like who would be stopping at the $4.99 place?!

  38. We're 29, they still ask me for ID 😰

  39. I know that experience lol I live in the US and when I was in college, I was going home for Christmas, I bought my ticket late so it was the expensive business class, flight attendant told me I couldn’t board with the other business class people because you have to be older than 15 to have that ticket… I was 22. I had to use my passport to prove my drivers license wasn’t a fake ID at many bars I’ve been to. Enjoy looking young for as long as you can, my mother and grandmother have the young genes, my grandma looked like her 70s when she was in her 90s and my mom looks mid to late 50s and she’s turning 70 this year lol

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