1. Him and Harvick are like low key friends aren’t they? Brock was at a couple races with Jimmy John’s on Harvick’s car too, which also sponsored Brock in UFC.

  2. Brian France being a drug addict for his entire time has the leader of NASCAR has caused long term damage the sport may never recover from.

  3. He killed the sport with the playoffs and they’ve been making it worse and worse every year.

  4. The way this season is going the final 4 is going to be random as hell. I mean like Cindric, Blaney, Chastain, and Bell random.

  5. Yeah I feel like this title will be a bigger joke than 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018, and 2020.

  6. That’s because he was never washed up. Dude finished 5th in points last year. Even with a decline in performance this season, he was still top 10 in points.

  7. Because the animated head is goofy and I want a Harley to fit with the more comic styled McFarlane Jokers in my collection. This essentials figure is the closest to McFarlane scale.

  8. Why wouldn’t you just use the Essentials figure???

  9. But the aesthetics of that Harley McFarlane figure is animated? The essentials scale is better as well.

  10. Well, I’m working on a Robin figure for a friend, gonna head swap Nightwing with the other Red Robin, and I’m gonna use the head from Bloodshot, and the goggles from Polka Dot Man to make a Mister Freeze custom later on.

  11. Nice job. Looks awesome. I need to grab one. I wasn’t a fan of the movie but working on figures and fixing them up is always fun for me.

  12. McFarlane has more detailed sculpts for $20 than anything Mafex has put out.

  13. Why would I pose a figure like that or even care?

  14. Took me a while but I found it again. Windows 11 -

  15. I appreciate you doing this, really I do. Thank you. I will try this and hope it works.

  16. https://giphy.com/gifs/bkazyJ9aEqbWwxq0V6

  17. Doc’s new BR game will have the greatest audio of all time.

  18. That’s right. I have a 2.10 K/D. I’m just not good enough. Ya got me there.

  19. I have a 4.5 KD and don’t have these issues because when I hit my shots they go down or if they don’t I push and they go down.

  20. Let’s see it. Link your account. What’s your Activision name?

  21. The two cars keeping Dodge relevant and they end them lol

  22. Oh no, what are the 392 credit score people gonna buy now?

  23. Same. Give it 10 years and there wont even be numbers just ad space.

  24. Of course they do. And NASCAR would be smart to continue down this road. None of this would exist if the sponsors leave.

  25. NASCAR would be smart to create a better product where sponsors want to be with the sport no matter what, like the 90s and early 00s, not turn NASCAR into a 3 hour rolling ad fest.

  26. The issues with Roush were well documented in real time. We didn’t find out in hindsight with Roush.

  27. Nobody in the mid 2000s would have predicted their collapse, they were still treated like a flawless top team publicly.

  28. You obviously weren’t around and I’m likely speaking to a teenager then jesus this place today.

  29. Who would have ever thought a decade ago Harvick would have 60 career wins? Just an incredible run by one of the best in this era.

  30. Hamlin only needs 12 more. If he runs another 5 years I could see it.

  31. My dad and I used to watch in horror every time a huge pileup occurred and Jimmie Johnson would slide through it with no damage.

  32. Truex’s best shot is The Glen where he has finished top 3 since 2017 and Blaney’s best shot is Daytona where he seemingly runs and finishes top 5 every race at the track.

  33. The Toyotas have been terrible on road courses this year. Yesterday on Sirius XM, Truex said his best bet beyond Richmond will be Daytona.

  34. Well yeah, that’s why I said a Chevy driver will win. I just don’t see Truex winning at Daytona. I have more faith in JGR finding something and Truex winning at one of his best tracks than the crapshoot that is Daytona playoff bubble. Toyota may have found something at Indy GP with Bubba anyways.

  35. Due to Activision not actively working on removing more cheaters I would say MW2 is not worth spending any extra money for.

  36. Literally every post you are crying about cheaters lmao

  37. Harvicks gonna be a contender, that team has found something that is clicking.

  38. Field should be terrified. That 4 teams has the best car/driver/crew since 2014.

  39. Kevin really went from being on the bubble to mathematically clinching in two weeks

  40. Dude wasn’t just on the bubble he was outside the bubble with no chance but to win. Now he clinched. What a time to step up.

  41. Dang guess I missed this on the broadcast. Those guys were pretty far out in pit road, lucky Noah had awareness and stopped too.

  42. Brad blocking the track and Stenhouse blocking the 17 really just evened it out.

  43. These figures aren’t like Funko POPs where saving the box will hold value of the item.

  44. I just wash them with warm water and dish soap then paint. Paint sticks just fine, might need a few layers depending on what material you are painting though. Even after running some figures back under water and scrubbing some spots with dish soap, paint is still there, albeit lighter.

  45. Dale Sr at Daytona was the first one I thought of. I think at one point he won like 11 or 12 duel races in a row.

  46. Oh geez this is the second worst answer after Gordon.

  47. Same thing to me. Ordered Bane/Talon/Nekron all in-stock on July 26th and nothing has shipped. Funny how everyone else gets their Banes and rubs it in but not me, even though I ordered it INSTOCK people who order AFTER ME get theirs!

  48. Yea I don't think Brexton is getting that mars money. He doesn't need a lot to compete right now. I think he's in karts right now which isn't terrible if they are racing locally. Once he gets into full body cars and starts running all over the country, that's when they will need serious sponsors which shouldn't be too difficult to find.

  49. With the money Kyle has made, Brexton won’t need sponsors until Xfinity series.

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