1. Gorz, Torrential Tribute, and Ash Blossom as ultimates. I have been waiting since ASTRAL PACK for these (well, the first 2 cards at least) to happen. Honorable mention goes to Needle Ceiling as any holo since it's great in retro formats.

  2. Wow, this chapter was amazing. Those last 3 pages...damn. Don't let me down, ch 108.

  3. It doesn't need an errata, it's already heavily nerfed because it has that one huge issue... you need to play Spellbooks and they suck ass.

  4. I would've preferred literally ANY other cards from Arc-V, but at least the trap has a funny name and the art is cute. This also explains the random Dino support recently.

  5. Can't wait to see the TCG version of the Hot Springs card add the Obelisk Blue bathing suits from GX episode 3.

  6. Lechonk is one of the best names ever. Will it evolve into Ledonkadonk?

  7. I’ll take Hyouka, Liar Game, and Nozoki Ana if they’re available.

  8. Well, there's exactly 3 open slots after this one, so it could be those bird cards. Personally think that they will be Ignition Eagle and 2 Predaplants or D/Ds.

  9. This is from Big 4 (Nesbitt, I think?) and is number 7, so I'm guessing we are getting those weird low level Fusion support Spells from the Big 3, the lawyer dude. Wonder how they're gonna buff those.

  10. I think this is one of the best lists in a while. Finally, they're taking off the old bad banned cards as well as doing SOMETHING to Halqifibrax. I always had a feeling that Change of Heart might be unbanned one day ever since I read about what could happen in a old Jae Kim Pojo article. Anyone else remember that or am I just being obscure/old?

  11. I would have loved a soundtrack as well, but I'm likely going to buy the full CD OST anyway, so I'm fine with this as long as the price is reasonable.

  12. If you try to play the deck the same way as when they were released, Dragon Rulers can't cut it without drawing multiple Super Rejuvenations. I tried it with an updated extra and several go-second cards that have been released since 2016, and I can't see this deck doing better than X-4 at a YCS. Outside of some sort of hypothetical modern top-tier Water deck with Tidal, none of the Rulers are broken enough for competitive play, neither on their own nor as a deck.

  13. Ultimate Slay (月女神の鏃/Arrowhead of the Moon Goddess)

  14. No once per turn restrictions. No limitations on the monsters' effects you send or the actions you can perform afterwords. Since nearly every deck is playing Links, Fusions, or Synchros (all of which have benefits from being from the EX sent to the GY), this seems extremely good.

  15. Basically the trap version of Summoner Monk with a better second effect. Decent.

  16. One of these days, I'll find volume 11...one of these days...

  17. I'd be happy to send one to you, we can find them in comic stores here (it's legit on sale rn) but it depends where you're from bc shipping is insane if you're not from Europe 😅 But I'd be happy to help!

  18. I’m in North America, so it’s probably ridiculous but feel free to dm me later if you actually see the Yen Press English copy in your store. I would appreciate it!

  19. Int in Pandora Hearts. Have a few volumes of 20th century boys PE plus cash I could add, or I'll just buy it outright.

  20. Its currently pending but ill let uk if it falls through not really intrested in random volumes tho i only trade fore complete sets tho so if it does fall through id jus sell it to u

  21. Purchased Chainsaw Man 6,7 and 21st Century Boys for $24 from

  22. Hi, I used the search function to find this listing. Do you still have this game available?

  23. My local store is selling it for $160 it's been sitting for a few months

  24. Do they happen to have an online store to ship it?

  25. Would you split Btooom? Only need 12, 22, and 24.

  26. Are 21st and chainsaw man 6,7 still available?

  27. That's one way to solve the D-Hero problem. I was totally expecting Fusion Destiny to 1 and Verte banned, but I think I like the OCG's solution better. At least for now...

  28. Based on previous patterns, it should be out tomorrow at 7 am EST, but there's no guarantee.

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