1. middle aged connor looks like my 60 year old uncle. proper 12 whiskey got hormones in it

  2. Every week there’s a picture or insta/fb stories of him working out, your “fact” is shit

  3. Have you seen his most recent interviews? He is literally rambling incoherent nonsense the entire time. Jumps from one thought to something completely unrelated without any type of Segway. Just complete verbal diarrhea. Something is seriously going on with the man.

  4. Hes being doing it for years glad its finally catching up to him, he employed the same tactic with tito/woodley/demetrius/gsp/randy couture and other less known fighters. I mean when u have a problem with 1 in 2 of ur champions the problem is probably not them but you

  5. I wouldn’t lol. Jon jones is giving both of us at the same time brain damage.

  6. Nah just take a knee & tap out. Say you were getting short on breath. Boom a million bucks.

  7. Might be interesting. Might be worth it if they’re to set up a Jan v Izzy 2 or Izzy v Pereira 3.

  8. I think that was the point they were making...the winner of Adensanya vs Hill vs the winner of Jan vs Alex

  9. Abu Dhabi pays a lot of money to see the top Muslim talent on display every October. UFC is definitely shelving him so there's no possibility of injury before then.

  10. I believe the speculation that part of the ESPN deal includes PPV having to include a title fight and the creation of this belt came after Nunes pulled out of the Pena fight (I could be mixing up the fights but I think it was this one). They created the BMF to hold up their end of the bargain and we’ll likely see it pulled out whenever a champion can’t be put into a PPV.

  11. They created the belt in 2019 for the Diaz vs. Masvidal fight. Masvidal is the only person to ever win it.

  12. One big issue. It’s in Utah. Wouldn’t these fights be better without climate being a factor? So many of the fighters are going to come in claiming they’re “acclimated” then gas out.

  13. Lmao Dana sticking Paulo on the Salt Lake City card again after we watched him gas out in 3 minutes last summer

  14. It’s a place where fans meet up, have some drinks, and dance.

  15. Gordon ramsey would not agree. ALWAYS COOK IT MEDIUM RARE!

  16. Hang on, I thought the standard size was 2 and the fatass size I bought was 4. There was a 3 option??

  17. theres like 3-4 fights until ufc 290 that im actually hyped for, grim time in the ufc schedule

  18. Yeah these fight nights & ppvs haven't had a lot of pop this year. Too many stars invested into later cards. I hate how we never get the really satisfying cards anymore because they flesh out the really good fights across like 30 events. Then we get 15 fight nights that have no business being fight nights. Oh well at least international fight week & msg will be good.

  19. U like entertaining fights? Omg, no way

  20. Bro I was good up until February of this year. I was so fucking pissed that I got it. Sucked. It had been exactly 6 months since my last vaccination. My baby ended up catching it when she was 7 days old. I felt so fucking terrible that I hadn't been more careful. I just got too relaxed after 3 years of being responsible about it & it had to happen at the worst possible time. Baby was okay. Had a shitty week though. Then we caught the flu out of nowhere like 3 weeks later. Haven't even thought about the flu in almost 3 years. Worst luck imaginable. All the while I hadn't gotten sick once that whole time. Oh well. My secret was wearing a mask & fucking off from society more. It was actually kind of nice.

  21. We are MMA on Point and this is the top 10 fighters most likely to become porn stars.

  22. Abu Dhabi pays a lot of money to see the top Muslim talent on display every October. UFC is definitely shelving him so there's no possibility of injury before then.

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