1. They have done such a good job with Vhagar this season. Fucking terrifying

  2. Princess Helaena: It is our fate, I think, to crave always what is given to another. If one possesses a thing, the other will take it away.

  3. RHAENYRA IS AN ALLY 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

  4. The shot of all the dragons above the funeral reception was orgasmic

  5. A 10 year time jump is wild. I’m so excited for this episode

  6. I can’t believe it’s the same actor from a children/teenagers program that I used to watch when I was younger (it’s called Blue Water High). He was one of my favourites so I’m happy that things are going well for him.

  7. The sex scenes felt much more intimate and raw than most from Thrones. Props to Clare Kilner

  8. The sex scene between Rhaenyra and Criston was really well done. Felt like I was completely intruding

  9. The little hints of the new music theme we got was amazing

  10. Slower ep but brings me back to GoT days when the story took its time. Good stuff

  11. Yes. They decided to cut it because it didn’t feel right for Stannis to pour his heart out to some random person. “Go on, do your duty” is the perfect response

  12. I can see a lot of people calling this episode boring after it airs. Definitely a slow one but has important set up for later. I just wish we could have episode 3 now

  13. A slow episode but good for laying the groundwork

  14. Gods be good, this episode is gonna leak today

  15. If the show keeps up the quality from the premiere, we’re in for a good ride. This story is a doozy

  16. A really great opener that sets up the main players very well. Possibly the strongest GoT premiere since S4

  17. The last ten minutes were incredible. Had to rewatch several times just for the music

  18. The writing feels much sharper, especially in those small council scenes. I MISSED THIS

  19. “172 years before the birth of Daenerys”

  20. VHAGAR!! It’s unreal how good this looks

  21. Wow this show looks unreal. Can’t believe it’s almost here

  22. Can’t get over the Valyria model. WOW

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