1. Only if you eat a sausage roll or a scotch egg with it, I seem to remember.

  2. Yet another post recommending deception as a way to deal with having forgotten someone's name. No one is fooled by this. This not only doesn't help, it makes things worse by demonstrating your deceitfulness.

  3. Because a lack of diversity and inclusion has blurred the merit scale and it needs to be reset somehow. Someone who has not had the full opportunity to develop obvious ‘merit’ because of discrimination against them may have huge potential to develop once they are given the chance. And also, those responsible for assessing ‘merit’ are likely to be blinded by their own prejudices and expectations, so external requirement for diversity and inclusion attempt to rebalance that.

  4. I’m old and I learn new stuff all the time - in fact I would say that my main hobby is learning new stuff. I don’t think it’s any harder than it used to be. But I also have an awful lot of stuff I already enjoy, so the new stuff has to get in the queue. And of course now I only have to learn new stuff if it’s something I’m interested in - I don’t have to do it for anyone else, like an employer. I quite often find myself trying to explain to younger people on Facebook or Reddit how to operate a Knitting machine, or how to access library books on an e-reader where it isn’t automated, or some other mildly techy thing, and often I get the feeling that they tune out if there are more than three steps in the process. So it goes both ways.

  5. I am pretty sure the Era does. The touch hd3 doesn’t.

  6. Why would they? They don’t make their money on the devices; they make it on the books.

  7. If they remove it though, they have to decide which bin it goes in.

  8. Do you have the user manuals? They can be downloaded online.

  9. Yes, I have the original german manual. And I already knitted a simple pattern one time. After that it didn't work anymore as it should. My Mother told me that she had those problems too when she still had knitted with it. Sometimes it works fine, then something is wrong. We guess it's a defective contact.

  10. If the electronic controls are messed up and you still want to use it, you can control it via the DesignaKnit program from Softbyte. But it’s not a cheap option!

  11. There’s one in Sheffield but it seems to be permanently closed for repairs.

  12. There are two options. 1 - if you have the Alexa app on your iPad you can get Alexa to read you most books bought on Kindle. 2 - if you set the iOS Voiceover on you can get it to read the screen to you - at least you can on an iPhone. I’m not sure if I’ve tried it on an iPad. It works well with the Kindle app.

  13. So for the voice over how do you have it read the words to you? Do you select the words. And as far as the Alexa app do you think it would read rental

  14. Do you have a physical kindle reader? If so, some of them also have the ability to read to you.

  15. Alexa app will read Kindle Unlimited and Kindle purchases. There are some books it won’t read because the publisher has opted out.

  16. There are so many fruits you never taste unless you live in a tropical country because they don’t travel well so don’t get exported. There was one I tried in Indonesia which looked a bit like a brown apple that came apart into segments like an orange except they were crispy. Began with ‘m’??? It was great.

  17. Went ahead and downloaded the AZW3 file for one of the books I wanted to delete, and then deleted the book from the Manage Content page on the website. I then transferred that AZW3 file over to my Kindle and it still allowed me to read the book.

  18. But if you ever change your Kindle for a new one, you won’t be able to read that book. The DRM for that download is set to the serial number of the Kindle you downloaded it for.

  19. I don’t think it is accidental, given that the instruction is to turn the can upside down.

  20. Well, he sort of looks as if he did and just did a deal with Death that they would let him out of the coffin once a year in October to make a New Year TV program.

  21. Yes, it’s really easy to switch; just a menu option. Your adult profile books are still on the Kindle when it’s in kids mode; your kid just can’t access them.

  22. That would annoy me; like those villages that have a ‘thank you for driving slowly’ notice even if you don’t.

  23. You can take the free trial of Plus/Super which gives you the option to repair your streak once a month. (At least I think that still works). Remember to cancel it before you have to pay.

  24. Apple and Google want to add a surcharge to any purchases made through apps in their app store, so Audible disabled purchasing with cash in the app. You can go to the website directly to make your purchases.

  25. This needs to be pinned somewhere really. You can use the web browser on your phone to purchase. But do check out the Plus catalogue - there is a lot of good stuff there and it changes all the time.

  26. Indeed. Or, Kobo in the U.K. since that means you can use the library service. When you can buy a used ebook reader on eBay for less than the price of a hardback, I wonder how paper books for text-only books like novels survive, or why.

  27. I see, unfortunately my device hasn't changed screens at all... it only shows the drained battery screen. Hopefully it will come back to life ):

  28. I was looking at the battery light mainly - I don’t really remember what the screen did. I mean, yours may be dead obviously, but it is worth a go.

  29. Oh ok, the battery light has been green for quite a while now, and when it's conencted to a computer it still does not show a different screen however I can browse the kindle's content...

  30. Maybe not a battery issue then, more a switch issue? Have you tried the power switch when it is plugged in?

  31. Yes, that works well too, and if you want it to be super easy you can either save it as the browser Home Screen or add it to Nicklemenu.

  32. Do you have Dropbox? If so, it’s really easy to use a Dropbox folder to upload to Kobo readers - some have it built in and the others can have it added with Nicklemenu as it’s already built in, just switched off in the config file.

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