1. Got some work done, exercised, bought a few Christmas gifts. Nothing earth-shattering but a productive day nonetheless.

  2. I mean, like I mentioned, Holland and Barrett is a pseudo-science alternative medicine shop. These are not legitimate sources of data.

  3. You’re not even reading your own articles, so why should I? You need to actually put in some effort because if you did you’d see that your sources aren’t what you think they are. I’m not going to engage with you any further on this front; I have a (competitive! Stressful! Non-nurturing!!!) job to do.

  4. It was always worsted but I'll say dk is my fav. I like the feel of it when knitting.

  5. Same! Although making the occasional worsted sweater makes me feel like I knit a million miles per hour.

  6. If you’re in Boston, take some time and head down to Providence, RI. It’s a smaller city but very walkable and cute. The food is absolutely incredible and you can always head down to Newport to see the mansions and/or the beaches.

  7. I haven’t been to any of these but a friend who is an escape room connoisseur recommended Clue Quest, Archimedes Inspiration, and Secret Studio. I recently went to Omescape and was underwhelmed (although their virtual Assassin Artist game was fabulous when I did it a few years ago).

  8. Whether you have kids or not, there will come a time when there is no one alive who has met the people you currently love. I know my great-grandparents existed (obviously), and I know a couple of their names and a handful of facts, but that’s it. I never met them, I don’t really know what they were like. Having kids bought them time but that’s all, the end result is the same. Hopefully that helps relieve some of the pressure you feel.

  9. They sound boring. Holidays are supposed to be fun! Why put an age limit on fun?

  10. I got myself a turkey sandwich for lunch today and I’ve got Friendsgiving plans with some American friends this weekend. It’s not the same but the heart of the holiday is eating food with loved ones, and I’m focusing on that.

  11. Allergic. I can handle a single dog for a few hours if I’m medicated in advance, but that’s it. It sucks because I’m either low-grade miserable or the office killjoy.

  12. Well for some reason i cant send it as a message on Reddit, but I hope this works!

  13. I drink 4-6 cups a day during a typical week but I reuse my leaves all day long. Sometimes I’ll have an additional 1-2 cups of herbal tea during the evening in the winter, usually mint is my go-to. Weekends vary wildly but I usually have only 1-2 cups as I’m more likely to be out.

  14. Some knit designer’s gauges are just incompatible with my knitting. I started a Patty Lyons sweater pattern a few years ago. The only way I could get gauge was on bamboo needle circulars. My hands were so sore that I quit half way through and took a month off from knitting To recover. Many friends knit the same sweater with no problem.

  15. Absolutely this. I just finished making one of Nora Gaughan’s patterns. She used DK yarn on size 4 needles. My gauge was bang-on…with fingering weight yarn on size 2s.

  16. Just up your hourly rate. If you’re relying on a percentage of bookings, your pay will take a hit if they need to reduce capacity, change their prices, lose their top salesperson, whatever. You don’t want your earnings to hinge on so many factors you can’t control.

  17. Not at all. I’m not having kids because it sounds unfun. That’s really it. I’m glad other people derive joy from having kids, but I’m not about it.

  18. When I was 17, I was 5 foot 10, and stunning. Only the comfort of college boys and my modeling contract got me through it.

  19. You’re not going to love this answer, but money. We’re in different niches so I don’t know what your trajectory will be like, but I can tell you that I didn’t start making enough money to sustain myself until I was about 9 months in, and it took a bit over year for me to start grossing more than I had been ad my previous job.

  20. Have you watched any tutorial videos or read through any instructions? I’m not sure what’s happened here, but I think you’re probably missing a key step.

  21. Yep I followed the instructions which said: Work in rib stitch for 6 rows as follows - * k1, p1 repeat from * to end of row.

  22. I think you might want to recheck your instructions or maybe find another source that clicks with you better.

  23. Also she is SMASHING IT on Taskmaster right now. So ya know, she’s got that going for her.

  24. I’m a member of that subreddit, and I don’t believe in witchcraft at all. I just think it’s a nice place that has good memes and positive posts.

  25. I hate minis. I think they look boring unpainted, but I don’t have the time/tools/skill/desire to paint them myself. Meeples are great, standees are fine.

  26. Short term: ask if she’d like you to accompany her places, like walking to/from the bus or going on walks together after work. Listen to what she says and follow her lead; she will probably be feeling crappy that she needs a chaperone just to exist outdoors because of other people’s shittiness, but she might be happy for your presence anyway.

  27. We had an issue like this and it turns out there were auto-generated ads that had been enabled by a client employee sometime in the past that were active at the account level. I couldn’t tell you how to get there off the top of my head but it’s somewhere near the ad extensions and related settings.

  28. I think it used to be under account settings but now it’s part of the insights > automation section? Something like that.

  29. Yes, I have standing orders with a few charities. I donate the equivalent of 1 hour of my work every month.

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