1. Not going to lie, depending on my finances I might end up getting this one.

  2. I own shinkocchou seihou and it's a great figure. No regrets buying it

  3. No Titas made me so sad. It's almost impossible getting his figure for a price that isn't over the double of the original.

  4. Tempting but... I'm broke. Couldn't even get Mebius figurarts :(

  5. From left to right: KR Decade, Ultraman Victory, Ultraman Blu, Ultraman Orb

  6. Thanks. "Ujitas" looks super different than even what he looked like on that Ultraman Connection live

  7. Probably a combo of hair and expression? I think he probably mellowed a bit compared to when he was starting out and was younger.

  8. Most likely the hair and the face expression. Had to look at the photo for a while to start recognizing him.

  9. now it looks like Cameara is trying to go for that Trigger booty while we're all distracted with smile smile

  10. Figured we'd be seeing Marie here. Given how short this one is most likely going to be, it was the only option if they wanted to add a new character (thus a new toy for Bandai to sell)

  11. Meanwhile Seven: This series will be a fine addition to my list of cameo

  12. He was trying to branch off so Smile Smile can reach even more people.

  13. Not just suits but some great casting. Raiga, Kaneko, Runa, Kei and, of course, Lady Sumire.

  14. His suit is certainly a great design. Not to mention very unique.

  15. Watched 'Man-bro's show on TsuPro youtube channel and I was impressed with how good Eiji's work was. Some of the pratical effects are pretty good even considering today's standards

  16. The most hilarious point of this series is that the actor of Juggler starred as a sentai red ranger knockoff. ;D

  17. It'd be hilarious if Toei ends up hiring him for a sentai show at some point.

  18. Speaking of which, Gai Kurenai's actor once played

  19. I think I recall reading Ishiguro was cast as a villain in the Yodonna spin-off

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