1. Everyone likes a good fairy tale right? But there is no tale without the fairies and they are the center point this time around.

  2. Everyone likes a good fairy tale right? But there is no tale without the fairies and they are the center point this time around.

  3. With well over a 1000 votes the results are in. The Spicygaming GOY is

  4. Voting for Spicygaming Game of the year 2022 has officially began!

  5. Oh. And to answer the post. I don't think the terms are more than just casual terms that really define how a person looks at an individual game, rather than categories.

  6. Yes! That was sort of my conclusion as well. And by the talks with the developers well let me just say using the term porn game is not a great way to start off the conv about their game.

  7. Well youtube sure does make a difference. Porn game gets flagged while adult game doesn't so :)

  8. This is the last of our picks for 2022, next we only need to pick the GOY :).

  9. Patreon only works with universal Analytics ( as you mentioned ), but isn't that going to be sunset soon? Actually I thought I read somewhere that patreon analytics are broken even with universal Analytics. Glad to know that's not the case.

  10. Yeah, Patreon has it done the worst of all, but still we can get some data out of it using events. I wonder if they manage to switch to GA4 in time. They have 6 months left...

  11. We had a talk with Sad Crab the team behind the hit adultgame

  12. Here we go top 10 Adult RPG games. There is an uncensored gameplay video of the review as well. What is your opinion? Did we miss a game?

  13. We played them for you, the best 10 adult RPG games out there!

  14. Oh, I saw it and corrected it. The new design is a bit off-putting, but it looks more comfortable. But I don't understand how to prove I'm a developer to set the price for the game?

  15. Sorry yeah we need to add some pop ups with instructions and one that will lead you to verification. It's actually quite simple to get verified just

  16. The Djinn Chronicles: Erenon is a JRPG Adult game that runs on RPG Maker MV!

  17. Looks great! Get it on Spicygaming so we can buy it and play it :)

  18. There is actually an explanation behind this. Many banks see prostitution as a very bad thing and can limit the sell of these games on platforms. We had direct request from several payment processors to remove such games from spicygaming. But we rejected them instead.

  19. Prince of Suburbia comes out as an adult game with a cliched story. Landlady, accident, needs release, mom helps...

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