1. That would be one hell of a wallpaper, would you mind sharing it HD?

  2. Looks like an amazing location for a base if you ask me :)

  3. I try to do this all the time but everyone always just shoots me

  4. Today I got a little bored and found myself near Zancudo so I called in my dingy and drove it up the river rapids and waterfalls.

  5. People who don't wash they're hands after wiping they're bud-dum

  6. Well now you have TWO several million old pieces of amber

  7. Motion blur is a setting that makes any game look objectively worse, no matter how well done. It is always the first setting I change in every new game I play, and I genuinely don't understand how anyone can like it.

  8. I also tend to disable it in most games I play, but that’s because it’s usually so noticeable when moving your camera around, like in fps games. In gta you really only notice it when your driving. In my experience at least

  9. They are hard until they are not :p

  10. I'm sorry this is just ridiculous. Skelly sloops have one cannon they can fire at you and sink after being hit by less than 10 cannonballs. There's a thousand different things you could complain about and not sound like a completely inept player, but skelly sloops?

  11. Why are you so pressed? I’m sorry we’re not all ship combat masters like you. And before you even say anything like “you don’t need to be a master to sink a skelly sloop”, everyone has different skill levels in games, and mine just so happens to be awful at ship combat, no matter how easy what the game throws at me may be. Thank you very much. Learn to not be an asshole. It was taught in preschool.

  12. What level are you to kill yourself to escape a wanted level?

  13. I’m 222 and I wasn’t doing it to escape the cops. I was doing it because I was bored and just fucking around

  14. Using auto aim ruins the point of the skill of skeet shooting.

  15. 7 days x10 hits =70 hits, 70 hits x170,000 = 11,900,000 that's just short of 12 million.

  16. Oh I thought you meant 12 million with 10 hits in a day, that’s why I was confused

  17. The grain is naturally introduced because of the low light. Nothing to worry about. The pixelation usually comes from the compression of the grainy footage. Noise is random and compression works bad on random pattern and darker footage.

  18. Thanks, I’ve been looking online and pretty much everything you’ve said is what google says, so you nailed it on the head. 👍

  19. Happy to help. Did you upload the footage anywhere?

  20. I uploaded it to my profile but Reddit just makes it look like absolute garbage

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