Greta Thunberg carried away by police during eco protest in German village

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  1. Thank u!🥰🥹no, but I might look into that, thank u!

  2. No I didn't mean to suggest it! It's just that you said lip liner in your title so I didn't know!!!

  3. You're going to go through a mourning process. Sometimes it'll take a year. People can't see what you're going through. They won't understand. You have to stick up for yourself. Be patient. Things could be worse. And soldier on.

  4. Sales. My boyfriend barely works and makes double the amount I do. He's also probably twice as smart as me...

  5. How much revenue and margin does he add to his workplace vs. you?

  6. No. But controversial opinion - having sex before marriage to ensure that you're sexually compatible with a partner is a dumb reason.

  7. Yes the heels and balls of my feet hurt even just a few steps if I'm barefoot. Thick padded socks and house shoes help a great deal!

  8. Such a contradictory disease. Movement is good but your joints and bottoms of your feet hurt. Hahaha

  9. Are you pigeon toed or do your feet point out? My feet point out due to fai but the inside bone of my ankle to the base of my toes are always on fire. I do the feet shifting dance any time I have to stand lol

  10. If it’s with a person I stop communication with them, and just say ok to everything.

  11. Shallon has a video on this. Not worth the trouble. They'll never give you credit and turn their insecurities around on you.

  12. I love Högl, amazing quality shoes

  13. You can report someone to the association but this likely won’t hold up. Typically a buyer representation agreement is signed that the realtor gets paid X%

  14. Right. The buyers won't want to close a deal without an agent representing them. And if I were that agent I wouldn't want to help close a sale without being paid.

  15. Yep I'm always eying the equipment I need for my workouts so I can scoop in once someone finishes their sets.

  16. Additionally. It always kind if weirds me out when I see people recording in the gym. Shes also talking to herself. I would stare as well. She must be doing something amazing for her to feel the need to record it.

  17. Who cares? This isn't a big deal. It's as stupid as all the posts on here about gendered glasses. All it does is show what a jerkoff the person is ordering. In this case, pour the asshole a fruity beer, put the tip in your pocket and go about your business. Sanctimonious bullshit-artists around here.

  18. It’s easier for men not to care, as it’s not their gender being talked-down.

  19. I had planned on switching to Factor from Freshly but everything I am seeing lately definitely helped me decide to go with a different company.

  20. If she were an unattractive woman I’m sure this would have went differently

  21. Excellent description. It seems to be different in everyone, it effects my hip joints and upper body around my ribs/lungs aswel as the mid/lower back, like you say it’s my immune system attacking places it shouldn’t be, has some minor positives aswel imo, I eat really healthily, don’t drink or smoke anymore and almost never get ill (think my immune systems waiting for the slightest reason to attack lol) so not all bad.

  22. I think men are supposed to have a thicker dermis due to testosterone levels though, which can mean less skin issues. Correct me if any of that's wrong, haven't read about it in a while.

  23. This correct. They also have a different collagen arrangement that makes their skin less prone to wrinkles and sagging

  24. Do you know if either of these would happen for trans men when they go on testosterone?

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