1. All you guys said is true and on top of that, for example, the musket for some reason is the one that progresses the quickest in expertise. I cannot catch the pace on my war hammer even with gypsym orbs and infused gypsym orbs compared to the musket. Its pain dumb, every second fukin drop that is an expertise increase is about a god fukin damn stupid musket. I even started hating that weapon. God damn boiiii

  2. You may want to keep the SSRI dosage down and add .25-.5mg 2x/day risperidone to selectively antagonize serotonin 2A receptors for anxiety relief.

  3. Cymbalta is a SNRI, serotonine norephineprine reuptake inhibitor and i started the 60mg dose parallel with 15mg of mirtazapine. Lexapro was an SSRI and didnt work for me so I am not taking lexapro anymore since 2 weeks ago.

  4. My mistake. In any event SNRIs are mostly serotonin reuptake inhibitors with cymbalta having about 10x higher affinity for the serotonin transporter over the norepinephrine transporter (however, at higher doses, when the serotonin transporters are saturated, there may be substantial norepinephrine transporter binding and, thus, increased norepinephrine levels). High norepinephrine levels are associated with mild increases in irritability, anxiety, and mood blunting and are probably not beneficial for most people.

  5. Now u made me think a lot about this topic, im covered on mirta anyway, 15 mgs

  6. 30mg wasn't enough for me, although it definitely did something.

  7. I would see how you feel. If it's working initially then it may very well be enough. Try not to overthink it - doses are very individualised, everyone's body is different. The main thing is if you see results or not!

  8. For me it says I have hidden copper.. Which requires copper supplementation..

  9. Well your Zn/Cu ratio is really out of whack and other above are below optimal, I wouldnt be surprised

  10. The report says the same with you.. Taxed adrenals, kidneys and the rest..

  11. I’m not trying to scare you off Cymbalta because I’ve been on it for two years now but pay attention to your energy levels. When I increased from 30 mg to 60 I felt like a walking zombie for a month until I decreased my dose again. It can seriously mess with your energy levels.

  12. Se thanks man. I hope SNRI will work for you. 15 is Indeed a low dose, I noticed a massive difference going from 30 to 60 so maybe you can ramp up soon if necessary. It is a wonderful feeling to be able to love without crippling anxiety Indeed.

  13. I will bump it to 30 for sure. But my psych wanted to go slow this time, 10 days of adaptation, I will ask for increase on friday, its better somewhat, maybe a placeboo of thinking this will work I dont know anymore, but SSRI didnt work for me.

  14. I found and think that anxiety is more related with the conversion of dopamine to noradrenaline and i really believe SNRIs will work for me, not SSRI. I dont feel sad or without will to live, i just feel anxious.

  15. You want to do a taper, but not a long drawn out one. You want to keep the total amount of time you're on benzos to minimum. I would stabilise for a week at the 20mg then drop 5mg every one to two weeks. It's going to fucking suck my friend, but you're going to have to grit your teeth

  16. Well we do have to keep in mind that I have reached 10mg of Valium sucessfully. It has been 2 weeks for sure being on this dose and being pretty much stable. Now according to ashton manual, this last 10 miles need to go down slower. I might try 2 mg down each week.

  17. I saw a build that combo spear/rapier even on a heavy gear, I really always liked the melee classes even in 10 years of playing World of warcraft, so, what are your thoughts on this ? I know rapier is a good gap closer/ defender, what about the spear, does it offer stuns/cc as i never played it ?

  18. Listen now carefully. I am no doctor. Ive been struggling with anxiety for 6 years, used all that benzo stuff but for a short period ( maybe 2 months?) I am currently coming off escitalopram 20mg im down to 10mg in 3 weeks. I am also cutting of from 2mg of Ativan ( swapped with diazepam 15mg just so i can have a smoother sailing on tappering).

  19. I can so relate. I have to taper at 1-2mg a day of pregabalin right now because I cannot take the withdrawals. I’m hoping I can speed up once my brain isn’t so angry from the B12 deficiency. How do some just taper off in a few weeks with no problem while others have so much trouble? I figure there has to be something that I’m missing. But finding it’s been an adventure to say the least. I’m lucky though because I’m not someone who complains that a crumb of some supplement causes problems. Most don’t do anything at all. But when one does, it really catches my attention!

  20. How did you found out about b 12 deficency with the use of niacin. I am confused, its my fourth day today, i had been taking like 2x 500mg per day for the past days and i used to flush, even on lower doses, flush was intense at 500mg. Today i reached 2200mg and no flush occured. Also I feel anxious again. What am I missing here?

  21. I've been sorting through this mystery as well. My guess is that if you have methylation running along fine, then adding in niacin will have other healing mechanisms beyond taking methyl donors. NAD+ is the most likely, but who knows?

  22. Well, I am testing it out for anxiety, I dont wanna jinx it but day two and its going great. I also care for that b12 part. Havent tested anything from vitamins, but i supplement a combo of all 3 forms of B12 +methylfolate 400mcg in the capsule. I believe all 3 forms, methyl, cyan and hydroxy are 1000mcg each, gonna check tommorrow. Plus i wanna keep just te right balance to clear out my anxiety and not drop thw methyl groups too low

  23. Thank you for sharing your experience with Niacin. Why would you be taking it on empty stomack when it doesnt add anything to its effectivness? Also, have you experience increased heartrate in the past? Do you have any heart issues?

  24. I take 1,000 mg of the flushing niacin daily every evening and find it really relaxing.

  25. Lets hope this works as it does now, my mind is sharp and clear, anxiety is on minimum to non existent all the time

  26. Wow. Your body is different from mine. First time I did 300mg, my whole body was so prickly and burning. Very uncomfortable

  27. Oh man hahahha, this is brutal for real, as I am writing now I am totally burning from inside out. Full body flushing hard. Now I understand why some people panicked from this sensation. I am red like a lobster, and I feel like I've been put in the oven on 200 celsius. I told u I will try 500mg on empty stomach today morning and here I am.

  28. Haha. You will live through it. Isn't it a strange sensation? Hard to believe that our bodies can react this much and yet it is harmless.

  29. I already did hahah, very strange, must admit not very pleasant but in the same time satisfying. Very paradoxical. Now the flush is almost gone, its all chill.

  30. I went cold turkey off klonopin after 52 days straight being on it. My withdrawal lasted a week and a half then I was fine. You can do this! Best to quit now then to drag it out and keep it in ur system to make the addiction or dependence worse in my opinion.

  31. I am not dependent yet, at least by the time ive been using them, 1 month, now i switched to valium, without it right now my anxiety would skyrocket, with it, i am anxiety free and more happy and active than the past 2 years

  32. Don't worry buddy I upvoted you 1 up. People dont like hearing the truth. But nah for real why are we just hating on Xanax bars? The same argument can be made for pain pills, people use those recreationally and do dumb shit like drive and get sleepy while they're driving while there's legitimate people that actually need them for pain. How about we all just agree to disagree that some people just abuse drugs and some people need drugs medically.

  33. I agree, but knowing from my perspective how anxious experience can be hell with no way out at times. So deep, so disturbing, so dreadful, so hopeless, i mean I cant eve pick words to describe the whole experience. Doing Xanax on daily basis just to avoid reality of feeling normal or bored at parties, everyday living, when you actually dont need it and get physically addicted to a point where wrong withdrawal can be 10x worse than my anxiety through the years. Man thats a stupid decision. At that point you are borrowing the future. And whats left when you borrow the future?

  34. Y’all are crazy. Goodluck not doing dumb shit after popping bars. Especially if you getting off the streets where you’re rolling the dice it isn’t cut.

  35. I am amazed how people take these with pride to get high while i here am wondering how to sort out my crippling anxiety and not get addicted even to safe small doses of valium. For some life is just a fast game

  36. 3x5mg a day isn’t too high of a dose. If doing that for only 3 months and doing a real taper you will be perfectly safe from horrible withdrawals. I promise you you will make it through that taper pretty easily if you take all precautions. I’m terms of a high dose I’m not to familiar with Valium particularly. It also obviously depends on tolerance for a “high dose” and people may have different opinions. Stay safe bro and don’t stress it 💪❤️

  37. Agreee! If I recall correctly (don’t quote me directly), but it’s dropping like 0.5 every two weeks to be extra safe.

  38. Yep I know that fact, but i was wondering if it will be hard with 15mg daily for 3 month use, thanks man

  39. This is very encouraging bro ! Thanks for the support, I am trying to stay on the safe side cause benzos are two edge swords 🍻

  40. Well it didnt hahah. Might be discouraging to some, but for me i realised it is a relief. I choose to go off it. It stopped working for me, never fully did actually. I now believe my problem is more of a dopamine/noradrenaline nature, not serotonin. I am tapering it right now. I am at 10. Just to notice that I went all up to 20mg. Not a single change.

  41. You guys are playing roulette with these benzos for real, taking benzo even tho u feel fine? Sounds coo coo to me

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