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  1. Käisin Kristiines ja seal oli üks uus raamatupood mida ma varem polnud näinud. Läksin sisse, ja mida ma näen? Ainult venekeelsed raamatud ja lauamängud! Ükski neist mis ma nägin polnud eesti keeles! Seejärel vaatasin, et kassas on silt maksmise kohta, aga see oli esmalt vene keelse tekstiga ja alles siis sinna alla oli kirjutatud tõlge eesti keeles. Wtf!

  2. See on see Mnogo Knig, mis ongi venekeelsete raamatute pood. Pole kunagi sees käinud. Aga isegi kui eeldada, et sellise poe klient räägib vene keelt, võiksid üldised sildid ikkagi eesti keeles ka olla, maksmisjuhised jne. Keeleseadus kõrvale jättes, äkki ma tulen kellelegi teisele kinki ostma?

  3. Aa, no see seletab seda küll. Ma väga nimele tähelepanu ei pööranud. Vaatasin korraks et mingi "mongoking" ja jalutasin sisse. Kui oleks tähelepanulikumalt vaadanud poleks ehk sellist üllatust juhtunud 😆😆

  4. Still tho, you'd of thought they'd make sure the drifting works similar to the official games, not completely leave the drifting out

  5. They probably just wanted to create something that looks like Mario Kart, and didnt focus on details.

  6. This is pretty cool. I didn't understand from the other comments, is there an English patch for it as well?

  7. Very nice man! Love Vita game collections!

  8. Soulless generic artstyle, modernized soundtrack that can be hit or miss, new (worse) translation, new voice acting, no H-content (that's a give, because Mages doesnt do that stuff).

  9. In Japan they got a console port of the original game as a pre-order bonus, wish they would've just released that here. Wouldn't solve the questionable translation but those remake character designs were absolutely abominable. Kinda happy the sex is gone though, some of the other world sex scenes were horrendous.

  10. I know they did. I translated it on the PS Vita :D

  11. Mädarõikaga ka!! Ja sinepi ja äädikaga (aga mitte kõik korraga=)

  12. Read the github info on SonicMastr's renpy tool. For many renpy VNs, it's just drag and drop using his tool

  13. For me, sometimes just remembering, because sometimes I forget, can cause to feel triggered. Though this mainly happens with OCD - I feel good and free sometimes, and when I suddenly remember that I used to struggle, I remember that struggle and those feels.

  14. When you say "just walk away from toxic people", how do you make that decision?

  15. Yu-No (not remake) should run without problems, given it's a 20+yo game.

  16. maybe not for terraria because it's now on par with console could be very memory intensive. i believe someone posted saying they had the code for stardew but there's legal issues with using leaked code. I think that would be possible though.

  17. I don't think the code was leaked, but rather it was decompiled.

  18. Do you have plans for any other ports too?

  19. Very unlikely. It runs on 'rUGP' engine, which is very difficult to hack. Best bet is PSP version, like froid_san said.

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