1. cant believe i’m saying this but I hope Mahomes throws 6 tuddies and 800 yards

  2. Can you use Animoji in Messages? More specifically does the face tracking work in there? If not the problem may be with an element of your TrueDepth camera system. Does your 12 Pro Max have the Limited Warranty or AppleCare+?

  3. Yep I just tried it it works fine. Was following my blinking, tracking my face, everything.

  4. Got his whole leg amputated, should be back by week 15 for Miami

  5. The Twitter mentioned a few weeks back that the issue should be fixed, surprised it is still broken for you. Try following this link to the Twitter thread:

  6. kinda wish we had Tampa Bay on our schedule this year too lol

  7. Is Hyde that injured? I don’t really pay attention to the Bills but I wasn’t aware he was hurt that bad

  8. that game would have been so awesome with the team we have now

  9. Correct there aren’t assigned seats for the Blue & Red practice at Highmark. It’s first come first seat in the lower bowl.

  10. If you're living at school, I'd suggest no more than 6 hours of classes on any given day unless you've got a solid 2 hour+ relaxation break -- that's useful to decompress with, or, later in your time there, to get a nice cooked meal in.

  11. Yes. $3 for the bus ride over. Also, you have to give me your season tickets or Josh Allen jerseys.

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