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  1. Jj and conq post rework. I played conq before the rework for like 15 reps and i had a ton of fun with him now i just dont feel challenged when i fight someone with conq so i stopped playing him and grew to hate him even

  2. I wish this game were modable so I could download a mod where the crab cycle's engine sound was replaced with "MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY!"

  3. I wonder what happens when you get shot in the beginning of the exodus crash

  4. What is uniqueness in class movement. Reason hunters arent blinking is the same why titans arent dashing mid air with twilight garrison.

  5. It's not that it's just that thundercrash has to be one of the best burst damage supers and overall the best arc super

  6. Watch me make it when arc 3.0 comes out(i actually dont know i rarely play hunter but my build crafting is good)

  7. "Everyone has solar dip shit it came with the ghost" "Not my ghost I'm the oldest guardian known to man"

  8. Man that looks sick it makes me wanna play master raids, but there's no glowing armor there. Also there's no master last wish

  9. if you ignore Scourge of the Past it makes perfect sense

  10. What the hell u talking about, it was called Scourge Past, dummy

  11. I got it when it was free once on steam, worst spend 600 hours of my life, will be spending more tho.

  12. europeans and asians aren't supposed to be as blacker than midnight either but they can be so why can't the nubian be as white as snow?

  13. Now, i do wanna point out that i said whiter than snow, i didnt say he cant be white as snow, therefore

  14. ugh fine well I change mine to "darker than midnight" happy? now we're both technically wrong

  15. I love how a guy with disciple slayer just tk's the rhulk, man did not hesitate even a slightest bit. That's what i call a titan main

  16. I played a lot of games of gambit just for the ornament and i.... Enjoyed it, not as much joy as if i did a raid or a grandmaster with my clanmates but it wasnt terrible. I did freelance and i had bad teammates rarely

  17. The copious amount of people not understanding why they're getting shit on after doing the same move for the 17749463th time

  18. Bs, your 1582 power and ballyhoo is 1510,is supposed to be 1560

  19. I thought you'll get ledged and then another guy ledges the guy who ledged you

  20. When in reality my teammate gets ledged and I ledge the guy who ledges my teammate

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