1. Interesting mine didn’t seem to love the bright light. Do I need to keep soil pretty moist? I’m new to plants usually more of a succulent person.

  2. Strange, you can see them grow in 100% direct light in Hawaii and parts of Mexico. If you want to achieve double/triple fenestrations you will need bright light, (1-3 feet away from a south window for best indoor results. Outside is much better) Maybe yours wasn't acclimated. I usually just water when I stick my finger all the way in and it's dry. For me that's about a week since it's large. Smaller ones can go for longer sometimes cause they suck up less water. Number of days between watering is completely different for people but mine tends to dry out around 7 days. I wouldn't constantly water it every few days if that's what you mean about moist. Let it drink up and dry out a bit followed by a good soak otherwise you could run into yellowing leaf tips and disease from being too saturated.

  3. Wow! Thanks for the helpful insight. My room is southeastern facing window so plenty of direct bright light most of the day but I did find that my leaves were yellowing. What I tend to do is wait until soil gets pretty dry then bottom water but that didn’t seem to work. Only thing it seemed to like was my bathroom, the portion not even in the humid area (my shower is separated by another door). I’m going to try to put it in a more direct area. Thank you so much for the knowledge!

  4. I have to wonder if the buddy even exists, or this is just a really smart title designed to make people comment.

  5. Not bad for 5 bucks but I always see couches like that for free by people's trash.

  6. Are leaves going to die no matter what? I get small holes in some here and there, and certain leaves die like the front one. But I’m always seeing new sprouts come up like the thin one in the center. Is my baby healthy enough? I water every two-ish weeks

  7. As long as new healthy growth is happening I wouldn't worry. It's normal for plants to shed older leaves as new ones grow.

  8. nematodes. Had these with my Aerogarden and it freaked me out until I found out they are normal members of the soil ecosystem.

  9. i've had gnats, but nothing crazy. Usually when I overwater, maybe just 5-10 gnats.

  10. same here, it grew like 5 new stalks out then a year later nothing. but it looks great. I think they are just sleepin Zzz..

  11. all those old castles look like tesla coils and stuff to bring power or something. The architecture and technology back then seems lost now. Wicked structure. How do we possibly go from these extremely well built advanced structures to square buildings?

  12. Beautiful Monstera but this is not even close to 2 years old, sorry to tell you. Even in hawaii and mexico monsteras do not produce double fenestrations for at least 2-3 years being outside. Most plants you buy at the store that look small with a few leaves are already a year or 2 old. They keep chop/propping to make a bunch of plants to send out over and over. Just because the plant was tiny when you got it doesn't mean it wasn't already 2-3 years old.

  13. easily 5 years given being inside. Outside in the southern part of the US could be accomplished in probably 3-4 years.

  14. yeah, I don't feel as one with the water. Weed makes me able to talk to fish.

  15. Try shrooms you'll be one w the water the fish the pole the hook and the boat/pier. You'll even wonder why theirs a hook in your mouth as you flap your tail

  16. Never did try shrooms, always pussed out cause I saw people getting stomach aches and shit. I did take 8 hits of double blotted acid like an idiot and that was a hell of a 18 hour ride.. I fully believe it's the reason I am the person I am since taking that.

  17. if shrooms grow out of my plant soil does that mean good soil or dead roots?

  18. 🍀 oh look a 4 leaf clover! Seem pretty lucky to me 😉

  19. I water mine like once a month and keep it on my patio in direct sun.

  20. yeah i'd keep it like that. I like funky growing plants. I bought a asparagus fern that shot huge candy cane beams out that were like 5 feet long while the rest of the plant was like 1 foot wide. it was cool.

  21. Looks like you did really well done have terrible with them producing any of the"hairs" due to low RH

  22. Awesome. I saw one once that was huge, and 300$ so I didn't buy it, never seen one again.

  23. Same as you lol I've killed 2 of them. OP offered some great tips. I wish I could buy them this huge size already tho! I'd pay a lot for it for sure.

  24. break the jar. Hot tip for next time use a jar that is flush all the way up to save jars!

  25. my banana is like 3 feet long now after a couple years! yours looks just like mine when it was younger. If you have a bright window it would love to be in a hanging pot right by it otherwise these guys can get out of hand pretty quickly. Plus hanging string plants is also very eye catching.

  26. What kind of grow lights do you recommend in this situation? I had bought some when moving to the Midwest but they never ended up actually staying up, always feel on the plants and they all died

  27. Just a note that I’d love to see an answer, too. There’s so much garbage out there.

  28. Amazon - SANSI Grow light. It's a beast and very powerful, much more than the bendy arm ones. Just 1 of those bulbs about 8-12 inches away from your plant will surprise you. Been using them for a while now with great results. Not so much with bendy arm grow lights.

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