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  1. Okay, so the a line and the c line are essentially the same bike. The main two differences being:

  2. Thanks for the reply, appreciate. I am really indecisive now on which line to get as I love the white color. They refunded me with my recent purchase, so will need to think as I want my future bike to have mudguards, racks etc.

  3. It’s all stuff you can buy aftermarket, it really comes down to what things you want to keep on the bike.

  4. As long as this gets sorted out so we can be on 3.0 before the autumn I’m good.

  5. 8gb will be absolutely fine for the next three years… if you want the machine to last longer than that, go for the 16.

  6. Am I the only one who has a automatic shortcut set up to turn on low power mode all the time?

  7. So you prefer to have a two year older phone in terms of performance all the time?

  8. In exchange for noticeably longer battery life? Absolutely.

  9. I've had no issues with FFVII-IX on MiniUI. I've played through half of Midgar, did a few battles outside Balamb Garden, and am currently on disc 3 of IX. I think for most games MiniUI and Onion should be equivalent but Retroarch on Onion is probably more optimized so if you're into the harder to emulate fighting and racing games you might have better luck on Onion.

  10. So, realistically, there’s no dos difference on games that will play on most os’s?

  11. This would be a great gift to give to my friend so we can play some switch games together! Thanks for the generosity OP!

  12. Man I am really interested in this device. Small enough to be easy to travel with but powerful enough to play pretty much anything you’d really want to!

  13. This is a really interesting premise, looking forward to seeing some more good quality recommendations!

  14. I worked for a large recruitment (staffing) firm in Australia from 2005-2012 and they operated on 13 4-week "periods" a year, for revenue and salary payments, including commission. So we got paid every four weeks, ie. 13 times a year - basically every fourth Thursday. As far as I know, they still use that system.

  15. This is still how a lot of employment works in the uk. Shocking I know.

  16. Such a wonderfully cute device! Have you had it long? What are you playing the most?

  17. I used to go by the username read_harder. I was the original creator of this subreddit and I grew it to 40 k users before I stepped down as mod. I've been working towards a minimalist lifestyle for a long time. This is everything I own except for my car which I cant fit in the picture. I also forgot to show my pillows.

  18. Would love a rundown of everything you keep hold of and why

  19. I love taking a mesh laundry bag. It hardly weighs anything and I like having a separate spot in my bag for dirty clothes. It helps you not mix up your dirty and clean clothes.

  20. I do this using the leak design packing cubes as they have a separate section in each cube for dirty laundry which you fill as you make space by eating thing. Pretty smart!

  21. That’s a good one! Do you have the mobile version or do you use it on your laptop?

  22. Seeing as you’re in the uk, any chance you’ve seen a tempered glass screen protector that would fit online?

  23. Can i ask why you’re going down? I went exactly opposite because lower gears for me with 44t were useless so was only riding gear 3 or up.

  24. Exactly the same reason! I’m never in the high gears or spinning out, I’d prefer the -12% to make hills easier with a heavy load.

  25. I have the M, and I have done a lot of hours on a racing bike with drops. I deliberately got the M to encourage myself to ride more sedately which has sort of worked, sometimes I go out and hammer it.

  26. Thanks for the detailed reply! I think the main thing I am looking for is the ability to change hand positions over longer trips, so it sounds like the M may be the right choice.

  27. Presume you're looking at the S6R on StartFitness? You can get 10% off using code JUBILEE10 to bring it down to £1237.50 👍🏼

  28. Wow, I’m actually up in time for an early morning RC tweet! Hi mom!

  29. Shocking prices! I guess they don’t care because they know they will sell as many as they can make for the next couple of years.

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