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  1. The trans are approaching you rapidly, there is no escape

  2. To summon us simply light a few candles In your room at around 3 am and play the celeste soundtrack for about 5 minutes and we'll appear, hope this helps <3

  3. Instructions unclear, summoned the devil instead, he's a good guy and we're friends now

  4. Coding socks both make you feel euphoric and improve your coding skills, 10/10 would recommend

  5. by chance do you rub you chest alot? that can lead to growth stimulation I had some growth pre hrt doing daily chest massages

  6. That makes a lot of sense, I'm constantly groping myself lmao

  7. You either farm for them or buy them as microtransaction, but they offer really good benefits at every level of experience, so I can't recommend them enough

  8. I feel terrible watching movies and series, because I want to cry so bad for something sad or for a death, but I physically can't I can't cry I try but nothing comes out

  9. Thing is I don't really like having two names or a middle name, but at the same time I can't choose one over the other

  10. You are the only one who can chose for yourself, if you like it they better start calling you your preferred name, otherwise I'll make them eat their tongue

  11. Funny story, I raged so hard after beating the guardian ape in Sekiro that I became an ape for a good minute, so I guess you don't

  12. I too thought the same thing, since I didn't feel it as a kid I felt like I was faking it, for me started all with puberty but I actually realized only in my when I was 19, it doesn't make you any less valid tho

  13. It took me a lot to understand that I was trans, because I didn't exactly feel like trans characters in media

  14. A friend told me the existence of the omnisexual orientation and I find like it was specifically made for me

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