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  1. You can only be friends with an ex when you're completely over that relationship. When you have moved on. When seeing that person happy with someone else leaves you indifferent in the worst case, and in the best case makes you also happy. It can take months, years or it can never happen.

  2. There's a business opportunity there: "Deadly disease infected lollipop: lick it, survive, score!"

  3. I had a similar situation with my ex. You'll get better, but you need to put distance between you and him! He made his choice. Now you take care of yourself and let him be.

  4. From what you describe, I think he definitely didn't value you. You were just an accessory to him. I believe all the 'love' he showed at the times he felt that he risked loosing you was not love at all, but just fear of change, fear of being alone after so many years. You were trying to find something in him that just wasn't there. Good thing it ended. All the best!

  5. Bake some cookies. I'm not kidding: it's really not that complicated. Find a simple recipe on the net, then you just need 1 egg, butter, flour, sugar and vanilla flavor. It will keep you busy for at least 1 hour, it will fill the house with a nice smell, you'll be proud of something you made yourself, you'll have good cookies to eat, and you'll be able to tell that to your girlfriend later. It's a small step to start feeling good about yourself. Just keep in mind: if you mess-up the cookies, no big deal, you'll have learned something and you'll be able to try again next day.

  6. I wonder what would have resulted of this if the guy would have been black

  7. Would you prefer to be stomped on your balls by 20 people while you try to sleep or to jump over 20 beds when you try to reach your bed?

  8. Ah sorry lads problem solved, i discovered it was a special type of raid called (pillage) which instinctively made the very smart raiders attack my wall while getting shot by a firing squad, probably just gonna turn that type of raid off

  9. They aren't that smart. I had one of these recently. They spawned in a river cave. They immediately destroyed a natural supporting pillar and 3 of them got killed by the roof collapse.

  10. A good reminder that any dumbass can become a parent some day. No offense meant!

  11. You’re depressed. That’s normal, given that you are holding on to someone and taking no action.

  12. My opinion: you need closure. One way or the other. For that, I think the best way is to contact her and find out what she feels. I know how scary this sounds. I imagine you know nothing of her current personal life and you're not sure if you want to know. You might be getting into a rough emotional rollercoaster, but that's a rollercoaster you need to ride if you want to get out of your current situation. You need to know!, and the more you wait, the less your probability of hearing from her what you want to hear. Courage!

  13. Your story caught my attention because my girlfriend asked for a break so she can look deep inside her and find out how she really feels about me. It's been so difficult for me. I'm still trying to figure this out and unravel why this affects me so much. I can barely sleep or eat! It's worse than an actual break up. I came here looking for some clues but your case is very different and I think I need to give you a suggestion: All the positive energy you have now, all that will to be a better person, keep it on! Not for her, but for you! I'm sorry to tell you that you might have already lost her, as I might have already lost mine, but we need to channel the energy that comes from this situation and use it to become better people and love ourselves. You can't control what she feels for you or what she does, that's why you need to find meaning to your life without her or anybody else. This doesn't mean you should not love anybody, it just means you should love yourself first.

  14. My ex reads like this always, she doesn't need the bold letters. It's freaky.

  15. Just to be clear : you can choose to live in a part of Brussels where there is virtually no crime. I lived in Ixelles for many years, often going out in the middle of the night, and i never had any problem. Now, i live in Watermael-Boitsfort. One day i forgot to close my door before going on vacation. Nobody tried to break in, and i was gone for a week.

  16. I've been living in Watermael Boitsfort for 9 years. The worst crime I've seen is people who walk their dogs on the sidewalk and don't pick up their fluffy's turds. Oh, and my car was vandalized once: outside mirrors broken by some drunk kids coming out of a party.

  17. I have a dog and i hate people who don't pick up their dog's turd. That's disgusting and we have a real turd problem.

  18. It's not misogyny. It's just a poor interpretation of biological differences. Men are definitely better suited for combat roles, but not to the extent portrayed in this mod..

  19. Really? I would love to watch while you explain that to one of these:

  20. Please, take the rotting corpses out of the fridge. I can hear your colonists gagging each time they open those doors. Edit: ok, I tell you how to do this: set a dumping stockpile area outside, far from colonist sight for humanlike corpses (fresh and rotten), and another one for rotten animal corpses. Then remove humanlike corpses and 'rotten' from your fridge stockpile settings.

  21. Yeah sounds like a very dumb person running a business. You have the deposit - you're locked in, if they don't show up you keep their money.

  22. I don't think they do that all the time, otherwise they would be out of business already. I guess they had an urgent request from friend, family or whatever, and instead of just cancelling the appointment they already had, tried to take advantage of the situation and failed miserably.

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