1. The squeeze is dead. Bobby is WAY to liquid to squeeze.

  2. Dude you got a guitar owned by modest mouse! What’s there to regret?? Congrats 🥳

  3. Hey OP, what day marks the beginning of our ftd run up? What day would be the last day of positive price action?

  4. With 61 million volume today, it could already be done.

  5. So they bought back at an average of 17? Only to offer at 12-9? That doesn’t make sense.

  6. Thats when the guy Button was shut off. It isn’t directly relevant as a majority are out of the brokers that did so.

  7. EVs will take a dump, no one will purchase an EV when the price to manufacture them sky rockets

  8. I get that they try to make it realistic and all, but the recoil really is hilariously exaggerated in this game. Like, by A LOT.

  9. Not a FUDer but it all reality, what is the likelihood of MOASS now? Does this mean they can average up their short position on a run to 900? if so, what would closing positions look like?

  10. Or the fact that the vast majority of voting home owners relish the fact their brick and mortar investment(s) are reaping massive dividends for them due to current federal and provincial policies designed to keep the housing "bubble" afloat.

  11. Stock up now. This is part of the plan to collapse the west, i.e. manufactured food shortages. So while it is to be encouraged, and supported, you need to understand what repercussions are, and what one might be if truckers gridlock the interstate/the Capitol (i.e. truckers not delivering products to stores/shipping locations).

  12. Lol are you guys thick in the head? do you honestly think this small band of knee jerk Uneducated truck drivers will have any impact on the supply chain? Lol. The vacuum from these people losing their jobs will be filled instantly. What a waste of time

  13. I did answer your question you’re choosing not to hear I’ll reinstate. AMC for me is a reopening play. With crypto and nft market about to explode AMC will benefit from its related meme status to gme. Gme will have nice nicht markets with gaming and nft market places. I do believe amc moving into crypto space and nft with movie theme releases. I think subscription model they will move into with nft twist no other theater chain is doing that. Plus that popcorn business. So I am not sure where it was stated or your just to dissuade us new investor not sure what you’re intent. I thought long and hard about the play. Bright future. I wouldn’t have put all my life savings into amc if I didn’t think it’s happen all 75000

  14. Answer his question? You didn’t answer shit. you obviously don’t know anything about market mechanics. You jumped on a hype train and now you can’t get off. AMC is such a bad play. My god

  15. Hey Frankie, long time watcher of your vids. Thanks for all the effort you put into them 😎 you have saved my hide countless times. You rock Frankie! 😊

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