1. Tripping over something you didn't see...that's s0 iNSaNE!

  2. I’m a sucker for One of These Days at the end of that one episode, Pink Floyd deep cuts are always welcome

  3. From the Fleshy Part of the Thigh ep. Dark & disturbed with violent overtones, just like Paulie's frame of mind

  4. Also, the helmsman apparently did not speak or understand English or Italian well at all, which lead to multiple errors in communication. He was hired mostly because he was cheap.

  5. Is this the Captain that wanted to wave to his friend that was on shore ?

  6. KRAMER: Look how thin that is, see that's all surface area. The taste has nowhere to hide.

  7. Finney is superb in this. An acting job that somehow captures sensitive and pathetic, intellectually brillant and emotionally barren, all at the same time. A film worth seeing.

  8. And that's why Trumpers smeared their own shit on the Capitol walls after not even voting in the election they were trying to overthrow.

  9. Thank fuck Nancy Pelosi flew in on a broomstick and took a knee at the US Capitol before proposing a sweeping overhaul of police procedures

  10. So pull your head out of your butt and realize the role wealth and power plays in all this instead of trying to blame the people you live next to and work with.

  11. I remember Dalton guesting on Banacek in the 70s. I reckon Rick had boat payments

  12. At the time, Pepsi's slick, MTV-style look was considered cutting edge. Energetic, appealing to the young. They really wanted to topple Coke as the the number one choice. Pepsi lavished big money on celebrity campaigns, using Michael Jackson, Cindy Crawford, MC Hammer, David Bowie and Michael J. Fox to push their product

  13. Reminder to go back and watch All or Nothing on Prime Video... the last episode is just delicious.

  14. The New York Times says, "embarrassing and disgraceful." The Washington Post says, "Here at last is the authentic Auston Matthews: an unlikeable, sneering fellow."

  15. I care about the Habs, not the Leafs, I’m more upset about losing the 17th pick than happy about the Leafs losing.

  16. I prefer to nurse the belief that they're the laughing stock of other teams, fans, and sports in general.

  17. Back when she railed against the Amazon deal in NYC. That would've brought $30 billion worth of jobs to her district. AOC advocated against it because Amazon requested a $3 billion tax-break in exchange for operating in NYC.

  18. They didn’t have evidence for Trump and now no evidence for Biden. Stop using tax dollars on this waste of time bullshit!!

  19. And you know it will. Just don’t open your mouth when sleeping. Hearsay cockroaches will think it’s water source

  20. anything to get away from death i suppose.

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