Meet Lulu. She’s been our foster for three weeks. She came here frozen with fear. Today, she poked her head out to eat for the first time 🖤 (more in comments)

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  1. As a regular cannabis user (work within the industry), the only perceptible difference for me was that my tolerance (to weed) increased once I began my bupropion SR. Otherwise nothing really out of the ordinary.

  2. I had no idea about something like this going on?! I've driven by countless times, and have been curious for a while, but honestly the parking lot situation was always a turn off for me.

  3. Roos does pay their employees well enough and provide insurance + paid vacation and holidays however the owners are both extremely toxic and were the source of many emotional breakdowns over my several years of working there. I weighed the stress and emotional abuse against the money and decided to eventually move on but they definitely aren't as loving and friendly as they market themselves to be.

  4. Damn, sorry to hear about your experience and appreciate you sharing! Definitely not something I would have expected or would have known about as just a customer.

  5. As someone who works in HR and also cares about destigmatizing mental health and the welfare of employees, this really makes me upset. Not just because of the lack of empathy and understanding, but also the implications of those kinds of statements. People are willing to take medications for physical ailments without thinking twice, but the moment it centers around mental illness suddenly it's an issue of character/strength.

  6. Yeah I am in VA and it’s pretty mild. Main reason for the switch is because the summers just can’t be used at all below freezing or they will crack, and it’s already pretty cold.

  7. I've lived in MI my whole life and have used winter tires 1 time on a car just to see how it is. Honestly, it is a game changer and the level of handling/confidence it gave was great even in an economy FWD car. I'm not kidding when I say I was able to handle unplowed freeways better than most of the big trucks/SUVs that you see here.

  8. Just put the tires on and they are great :) I got continental DSW06 all seasons. They put the power down just as good as the MPS4’s. I’m sure they will show their weaknesses when I’m kicking it sideways down the back roads, but so far so good. The ride is softer and quieter too. I’m pretty impressed!

  9. Those contis were on my shortlist for my next set once my current tires are unusable, so I'm glad to hear they're great so far! :) All the reviews I've read on them are super promising too!

  10. I have a black cat that does the same thing. His favorite are my clog slippers because the inside is sherpa. He'll start making biscuits inside on the sherpa and then fully sits "in" the slipper so his front paws are tucked inside. It's really cute so I don't mind sharing haha.

  11. Lol. That’s what these are (sherpa lined crocs I wear as slippers) but she loves all varieties of my shoes

  12. Both of my cats love smelling shoes and rubbing their cheek against them, but it's only the fuzzy ones that they will "cuddle"/sit on!

  13. literally simple tasks like cleaning or doing my dishes, showering. right before lexapro, i let my dishes sit for the entire month of august and i was unable to do them. for no other reason that it was overwhelming for me to do, and i had no motivation. i used so many dishes that i had none left to use and it led me to not eating/buying groceries because my dishes weren’t clean. literally got so bad of them sitting there for a month that a massive heard of fruit flies developed in my kitchen and bathroom, and that was my breaking point. even then, i still had to recruit a friend to simply just sit in my horrible fly-infested apartment to help motivate me. it was mortifying, and since starting lexapro i have more motivation to take care of myself in that specific area

  14. The dishes thing resonated with me- tasks that are objectively "simple" would just pile up and I wouldn't be able to complete them and then just get stuck in a cycle feeling guilty for not being able to do it, etc. etc.

  15. Everyone's case is different but generally the adjustment/full effect can take anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks. During that time it's not uncommon to experience hypomania or on the flipside anhedonia/emotional blunting assuming its an "adjustment" thing.

  16. Wow I didn't know I needed to see this, but I'm glad that I did!

  17. I agree, and honestly it's not just the owners manual- I feel like more and more people just don't care to read much of anything, whether it be return/store policies, simple signs, etc.

  18. I think it's a dealership thing? I know it doesn't cover every service interval, like you mentioned.

  19. We’re fostering this tiny (2,5 years and 2,5 kilos) void who came from a horrible hoarder home. At the shelter she was terrified and completely frozen with fear. So we took her home.

  20. I have a (TNR) stray void I adopted from a shelter that was similarly shy(he was like 10 months when I got him). It took about a week of him going slow and steady and he came around. Its been just shy of 2 years and now he is a clingy cuddlebug.I am cheering for you and know that proud feeling so well. It's so amazing to see what some love, time, and patience yields with shy cats. Thank you for giving her a chance and loving care :8097:

  21. That's a residential street isn't it? Kind of surprised/impressed considering the speed limit and how narrow the road is (with the street parked cars).

  22. Yes, it's a condo neighborhood with cars on both sides of the street because there aren't any driveways and poor visibility due to the curves in the roads and parked cars. Despite this, and the speed limit, people just fly through here.

  23. Thanks for clarifying and giving more context! I've only driven through there 2-3 times when GPS thought that was the best route to get to US 23 during rush hour.

  24. Thank you for this. I love when I randomly come across the "sin biscuit" comment 😂

  25. Was scrolling a little too quickly and thought it was a plate of spaghetti the first glance

  26. Hey, thanks for chiming in! Reassuring(?) to see there are numerous others out there haha. Hopefully it's just reassurance for anyone that stumbles across the post in the future.

  27. Sounds like a pretty crappy situation you got involved in, and the insurance mess aside, hopefully you walked away with no significant/lasting injuries! I can't imagine getting rear ended by a car going 50mph and then getting hit again...

  28. Adding on to what others have already said, you might also be accustomed to the tasting notes from the combination because ketchup is used in a variety of different (asian) sauces from time to time.

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