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  1. Does anyone know what the guy is yelling? I can make out “I’m so sick of fucking everything. Every fucking day somebody ____” and I can’t make anything else out... why am I even curious about this

  2. Agreed. Though, the police didn't overreach here. Unfortunately, this is the only possible ending when you attempt to stab a cop.

  3. That’s simply untrue. They didn’t overreach when they shot her, but they definitely did overreach when they decided to place themselves in the home of someone they know is armed, paranoid and psychotic. Seriously, for what reason did they enter the condo if she isn’t under arrest and there’s no one else in there that she can harm?? Are they not just endangering their own lives for no reason?

  4. Were you born yesterday? She’s obviously catastrophically mentally ill. She’s literally begging the police to call the police to come save her from the police. So what on earth do you mean, “what did she expect”?

  5. For the zookeeper. Orangutangs don’t wear shoes and are therefore immortal.

  6. They made one for a random guy named George Floyd, He only had a knee on his neck and died no reason for a statue.

  7. George Floyd stopped being a “random guy” when he became a murder victim. Emmett Till was a random kid until he was murdered. The victims of 9/11 were quite literally random people. Do they not deserve their memorial? How about memorials for soldiers? All they did was die, right?

  8. Yup sad. Prob one of the best pure 5 tool players to come along, in a long long time. Baseballs John Daly, without the assault

  9. Nah he’s got the assault part down, kept it close to home too since it was on

  10. I’ve honestly never understood why anyone enjoys this. Are haikus a major part of US education or something? Nostalgia? Are there stacks of Japanese people upvoting them? Can’t say we spend more than half a primary school lesson on them in Australia. One of those weird cultural things, I s’pose.

  11. Reddit’s appreciation of that bot has nothing to do with the fact that it produces haikus. It’s just people being amused at mundane sentences being turned into ‘poetry’

  12. He still intentionally placed his whole family at risk of burning to death for internet points. Said points lead to attention which in turn leads to more viewers and more money

  13. damn ole buddy got his brain scrambled, couldnt even muster the strength to get up

  14. He tried 4 times to get up and completely collapsed each time. Even hit his head right on the ground on one attempt.

  15. Lmfao the fact that I laugh so hard at just the reference of butterbean. I hope he’s doing well wherever he is.

  16. That’s probably raw sewage that they fell in…hope they didn’t get sick from it.

  17. Does this not look fake to anyone else? Like look at the interaction with the 2nd dude. Like...he's just walking down the sidewalk not noticing what's happening, stops right behind the cop and looks at him, meanwhile the cop does exactly the same thing at the same time, for no reason, and then attacks outta nowhere? It just looks so....scripted.

  18. This doesn’t at all appear fake lmao. The guy who got slapped/punched obviously said something to the cop, that’s why he turned around and hit him. It’s pretty obvious, in fact.

  19. Yeah man, I keep coming back when my phone gets occasional notifs and this comment keeps dancing between negative and positive karma lol

  20. Almost as if we’re talking about the most divisive and hotly debated topic in all of North America... lol.

  21. 6years for a lifetime of paralysis doesn’t seem like a fair trade tbh

  22. The concept of what’s “fair” has no bearing in a court of law.

  23. No girl in history has ever said yes to stuff like this. You think just your face is enough to want her to give you her personal number? I met someone who thought like this once... He thought simply ordering food was somehow the waitress hitting on him and wanted to ask her out. Wtf man. You don't know woman at all.

  24. No girl in history has ever said yes to a guy asking for her number? Lmao..... I didn’t know me and half the dude’s on earth had made world history by asking a girl out...

  25. I'm guessing if you're back "for the summer" you're a student? And I'm guessing your education is part of your resume? If so, you're not getting any callbacks because it's blatant that you don't really live in London. You will need to lie/hide being a student to get hired anywhere.

  26. Factory is a good idea. You don’t hear it mentioned too much, but usually decent money with no experience needed. It’s just a more physical job usually, if you’re good with that

  27. (not saying OP doesn't have one or that this is a bad idea, but a car is a prerequisite for nearly all factory jobs in London due to most of them being on the outskirts of town or outside of the city entirely.

  28. Paul Haggis' Crash is only the second best movie named Crash made by a Canadian

  29. Update for anyone interested: Salthaven gave me the number for Upper Thames River Conservation and I was in contact with them. I returned to the spot to see if Mama was done laying, and found an empty nest, but no signs that anyone had gotten to the eggs (no shells anywhere). Sent my man at the River Conservation a picture, and it turns out this mama turtle was laying a “test nest” where they make a nest to test out to see if it’s a suitable spot.

  30. I have called them and left a message, asking for a number I can call because I know they won’t come out for this.

  31. I absolutely would freak out. I don’t think he understands the danger he was theoretically in. Almost a guaranteed death

  32. It’s staged or at least impossible for it to work out the way shown. There’s a lot of things that the pilot would need to do before takeoff that would make it clear he knows how to operate that plane. Also he’d need to communicate with ATC to takeoff which also makes it pretty clear that this was the plan all along.

  33. He’s not broken because he landed on the ramp and not the concrete. Also he was lucky his feet broke some of the fall then he lands on his hip.

  34. Did they not ask you if you wanted her? When mine passed, the vet her ashes in an urn (I doubt it all her lol) and they do a clay paw print

  35. They did but I couldn’t afford it at the time. I should have included that in the post. This was years ago, but all my childhood pets died by euthanization and we couldn’t keep any of their remains. I just want to know if I can visit their final resting place somehow. Thank you for responding ❤️❤️❤️

  36. Different vets use different crematoriums. You should also be able to retrieve the ashes (mine were delivered to the vet)

  37. Thank you! Don’t be sorry. The title was my mistake - I was really meaning to ask anyone who may have experience, not just vets.

  38. Pretty sure black van also got the guy in black that's lying on the floor at end. I thought he might have been shot, but after rewatching, looks more like the van hit him.

  39. He also brutally runs over the guy in yellow but his body is pushed off screen

  40. This is terrible journalism starting with the title of the article. Let’s dissect the title:

  41. I already stated that I agree the headline is manipulative. A lot of headlines are now that they rely on clicks. That does not = terrible journalism. Nor does describing her as an “overworked nurse”, people want to know everything about her. They are simply fulfilling that demand.

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