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  1. Malcom Holmes, I know he's a meme but does anyone truly like him?

  2. I know he’s annoying but he puts himself in danger to give you a warning and some background info. He’s got balls and I respect that. Swannic on the other hand…

  3. Not strictly a romance but pirates of the Caribbean was the first one that came to mind.

  4. what's a cuck chair? sorry i've genuinely never heard of it...

  5. The chair on which one partner sits to watch the other get railed.

  6. British panel shows a genuinely some of the funnies shows for me, I could watch nothing but Taskmaster, QI or Would I lie to you for the rest of my life and I would be happy.

  7. He was definitely inspired but a lot of what he wrote is nothing like the War of the Roses. There are some similarities but the history of the houses, personalities and fates of the members etc are completely different.

  8. The war of the roses content in Westeros has been changed significantly but if you look up the lore about the far side of Essos (which I think this meme is talking about), it gets closer and closer to real life and references to popular fiction. Alt shift X made some good videos about those areas on YouTube if you’re interested.

  9. But George has written very little about the far side of Essos though, compared to Westeros and other places in Essos like Meereen and Braavos.

  10. I know he doesn’t write much about it and I’m not criticising him for it what he has written, the meme says he copy’s other peoples work to pad out the world map and I just wanted to clarify what it meant.

  11. The Songs great, the music video is phenomenal.

  12. Wow and edi and joker arent even a couple. You played a ruthless psychopath.

  13. Isnt the normandy guaranteed to survive?

  14. I think the crew can die when it crashes.

  15. Trying to usher in the new king with a Great War I see.

  16. “But it really produces electricity. It’s powering this room right now”.

  17. So this is in Republic of Dave, Shawna in the Museum of Dave has a tour every day at 2pm.

  18. There’s a trans flag version of this that’s a gif and it goes way harder

  19. What if bees were intolerant of hornets? What if bees were made out of bigger bees? What if bees were made out of smaller bees? What if you picked up your phone and instead of a phone and it was bees? What if bees hacked your Facebook? What if Chinese bees? What if flowers danced to attract bees? What if cats vomited bees? What if bees were underpaid to rake leaves? What if bees flew around and stung people? What if there was a bee gun? What if you forgor 💀 to reload the bee gun? What if bees could travel through paintings? What if bees were put on the no-fly list? What if the dinosaurs were killed by bees? What if the dinosaurs were bees? What if bees were dying at an alarming rate? What if bees made memes instead of honey? What if dogs were unable to perceive bees? What if the Magna Carta was bees this whole time? What if bees said "bee too thanks"? What if time travel requires bees? What if time travel turns you into bees? What if bees killed me mid se-

  20. Wouldn’t that be fucked up? Welcome to… The Twilight Zone.

  21. If you play it right, you can end dead money with an unlimited supply of repair kits, stimpacks and certain ammo types among other things.

  22. After winning enough at the casino you unlock a

  23. Most quests are named after songs, this particular one is

  24. I think my first was either the original V Wing or the slave 1 which came out around that time.

  25. Mine became a lot lighter and now it’s mostly just on my upper lip. It’s now less noticeable but I’ll have to get electrolysis (far more expensive) as well as laser if I want it removed.

  26. Mass effect, Skyrim, fallout, cyberpunk 2077, I think dishonoured 2, assassins creed syndicate, dragon age, the fable franchise, halo reach (kinda), portal 2 and life is strange.

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