Megathread: Biden Pardoning All Federal Marijuana Possession Offenses and Initatiating Process to Federally Re-Schedule Marijuana

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  1. Well okay they're more like guidelines...

  2. So our android made another android and is hamhandedly introducing heavy concepts like gender, friendship, and romance to it... are there any guidelines for this?

  3. An apt description, calling it a Rube Goldberg machine. I hope you don’t mind if I help myself to that phrase in the future. Cheers!

  4. There’s kernels of truth in there. Like My Bologna was originally recorded in a bathroom.

  5. And Al really did kill A Pablo Escobar with a platinum record, it just wasn't the famous one.

  6. You can be addicted to anything that gives you a dopamine boost/rush whether chemically induced or not, there can even be good/constructive addictions training/gym, learning, reading or travel, but yeah people need to be more understanding of each other and remember that by default we are a pain avoiding species that have found many interesting ways of avoiding pain.

  7. Psychological addiction too often gets waved away, in my experience its much worse than physical addiction.

  8. Imagine living 20-30 years and then being sent to an abattoir… rough, wish I didn’t know this

  9. At least they had 20-30 years. Some animals basically live their entire life in an abattoir.

  10. It's not just your oppinion. That is one ugly ship design (and nonsensical).

  11. This again. This is completely 100 percent not true. Paramount would not have to pay the writers of "The First Duty” if they used Locarno. Paramount owns every single character. This silly nonsense just refuses to die.

  12. While Paramount does own the rights, writers still get residuals for characters they create being used in future works, it's a WGA rule.

  13. Yes, but you can’t “design” a state to be competitive in statewide races.

  14. It's like when people complain about gerrymandering when talking senate races.

  15. it is replacing developers sooner than you expect

  16. That's just restating what you said before without adding any commentary or additional points.

  17. i just have an opinion, i'm not debating, i'm stating it.

  18. Great, if that's an informed opinion, then start adding some details, talk about a trajectory you're seeing in AI coding that I might be missing, how you're seeing development of these tools into even an expert system.

  19. this nu trek is not dark side to x-treme but something completely different like new way to show how to agonize emasculate torture and other things that nobody on his right mind would say is in his head. i mean that liquidation tool at discovery that that lgbtq or what ever engineer come up with is like this is what they are coming with

  20. When they reduce taxes but don't reduce spending, they're costing us more by putting us in debt.

  21. Hunter Biden isn't part of the current administration, and everyone knows he's scummy already, so he's not going to sink Joe's career.

  22. Oklahoma is still pretty far behind. Recreational use is still illegal, and it hasn't been decriminalized.

  23. If I haven’t yet been charged with the possession but I have a court date in two weeks for it how does this affect me?

  24. Thanks for smearing progressives for no reason whatsoever |b|r|a|n|d| |n|e|w| |a|c|c|o|u|n|t|, your service is duly noted

  25. I mean it is a cool little gadget I will admit. An AI generating videos is impressive. But Imagen is a name we heard of before. Seems like after the failed at perfecting image synthesis they are trying their hands at video synthesis to stay relevant. That is why all these text to video models are suddenly just coming out.

  26. if everything is state of the art, nothing is state of the art

  27. Not everything is state of the art, but technologies that are pushing the bounds qualify.

  28. Seems like you'd be able to take some kind of actionable evidence from that, some information that could be verified on this plane of existence, some new insights that you could apply here.

  29. I doubt Russia has a reliable way of figuring out if they are functional without launching them.

  30. Sure you could check the nuclear weapons, but if you report an issue then the higher ups get angry about expenditures and extra work, and you may be considered a troublemaker.

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