fight at my local highschool

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  1. Panicking I have no more subscriptions left to cancel.

  2. Couldn’t an all male crew accomplish the same results? But I don’t work at NASA so I ain’t very a Smort.

  3. It then you don't get the click bait headline

  4. Ronaldo is my favorite player of all time so I’m enjoying the fuck out of these last couple of moments we have with him on the pitch. My grandkids will never hear the end of it.

  5. He is my second favorite player of all time. Only behind Figo.

  6. Man when I was in Lisbon like 15 years ago I saw this little kid in a Figo jersey saying to himself "LUIS FIGO!" and just running around making sound effects. I miss Figo.

  7. Wow we actually have a chance against France maybe?

  8. Since ronaldo got subbed in, portugal is only playing to try and make Ronaldo score..?

  9. The recent disparity between Messi and Ronaldo is incredible.

  10. They have been tho, since Wonder Woman 2 they’ve been good, or at least enjoyed at worst. Marvel has been worse recently

  11. It was really bad. I can’t remember much of it now except that Adam got a raw deal at the end. Do fans of this hero exist? I’d never heard of him.

  12. I'm a bug fan of the character, but what we got was something different.

  13. This issue is Amazing Fantasy #15, and in mint condition it is worth more than $1,000,000. Of course there is the possibility the picture is fake but idk.

  14. 100% the one with bag didn’t think anything was going too happen after the water lol

  15. My man can barely walk just trying to pay the bills and they do him like this...

  16. We’re pretending this is still a thing?

  17. I’m sorry to say this but theres probably billions of little creatures like this living on or inside your body.

  18. Hopefully it's quality over quantity

  19. Marvel and Star Wars need a quality course correction.

  20. Comparing Black Adam to these films make me sad.

  21. They're is always one, today it's you.

  22. Don't join buses then? Why do people pay for this.

  23. What an awful name. Why not Warner Max or even Discovery Max?

  24. TL;DR: this morning they have made some changes to EAC. You may need to repair EAC installation to see the changes - instructions inside.

  25. So they expect every player to manually repair it to get the fix.

  26. I like both these teams, hope Korea comes back in this a bit

  27. Japan's penalties were those of players more afraid of missing the target than they were determined to get the ball past the keeper.

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