1. I think I have this same 1 I couldn't use. Might post it here

  2. I really enjoyed it. Was like 20 minutes too long though

  3. The fear he must have gone through. Would of sobered up real quick once the light was gone. Truly terrified now.

  4. God's and Generals in theaters with my father. There was a 15 minute half time or whatever they call it.

  5. Cannot wait to rewatch this one at home. Had to get up twice during. Too much pop. Strange that they got rid of the snap backs

  6. I enjoyed that flick a lot. I listen to “Never Gonna Get This Pussy” all the time.

  7. Spoliers I ending was a little far-fetched. I mean, they were wearing bright bikinis and shooting thugs in a back yard. At least 10 and NO ONE shoots the girls? I enjoyed it though. Eveytime by Britney Spears 🔥 I still have the original postcard A24 sent out for this movie. Very first card

  8. Saint Maud's final shot is not only a great last scare, but also it ties the whole film together.

  9. Yeah, it was mids. Wasn't horrible, but I'm glad it was free to watch

  10. That definitely sounds like a great idea lol

  11. I kiid(2x), rarely do edibles these days. Just by your warning though, im even more enticed to watch the movie. I think the first time I ever heard of it was perhaps from a disturbing films sub on here. Love GN, particularly a huge fan of “Enter The Void”. So yeah i’ll try and give it a first viewing sometime before my birthday or end of my birthday month.

  12. Great movie, soundtrack was 🔥. Great cinematography. But man oh man. I won't spoil anything for ya.

  13. does this mean there are no more past lives postcards?

  14. Yer fond of me lobster ain't ye? I seen it - yer fond of me lobster

  15. It was a little too much for me as well. But I know people really liked it

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