1. Well done Tsupro for making me nostalgic about Ginga.

  2. Its not a leak if its on the official youtube

  3. How come nobody is questioning this guy's font lol

  4. This is something amazing that you have. I didn't even know it existed (the great comics, i mean)

  5. I highly recommend that you make a noise on Digi Fes 2023 regarding this issue.

  6. Would have been better if his little bro was with him!

  7. Okay… okay. Now that I’ve watched it and had a few minutes to process it… this might be my favorite episode of Digimon ever. Well, tied with the 2020 one.

  8. I agree so much with you. I've loved Millenniummon ever since I fought him in Digimon Battle Spirit

  9. I love how they make a recap series have it's own story setting and toyline.

  10. I think it's likely that it's just the archives that are lost, like the database, but not the memories. At least, that's how I interpret it

  11. I wonder if all this memory erasing is even canon. Don’t they have a backup? Doesn’t hikari have something just in case? lmao

  12. Z did mention that the seniors (Probably every other Ultra older than the new gen) are working on the other stuff haha

  13. Damn can't believe they're even making it a crossover

  14. They really wanted to tribute the Ultra fork lol

  15. Absolutians: Our race may be dying, but we're on a tight budget

  16. This is Amazing!!!! Game Freaks manga division or whoever they get to make the manga should hire you.

  17. That's very high praise, thank you! But I hope they don't get sick haha

  18. Did you really get that for $2.49?! I'd kill for that haha, good for you!

  19. Haha yes I did. Honestly I just thought it looked cool and didn’t even know who Ultraman was. I used my phone’s translate app to even find the name.

  20. Do you think should ultraman take hiatus for some year?tsuburaya seem run out idea for making new ultraman series because theres 3 ultraman who use fusion(orb,ginga,& z)also trigger and decker basically just reboot of tiga and dyna.

  21. That doesn't mean they're running out of ideas. It just meant that Bandai wasn't willing to take risks yet with the toys as they were still figuring out what worked and what doesn't, as well as taking advantage of all the anniversary years while they can.

  22. Ok assuming these aren't new monsters listed i think these might be mistranslations of gagi ,bemstar and zandrias

  23. Interesting variety of kaiju there. Never thought Gagi would get a mention again

  24. They've been making its kaiju item for years (hyper key and dimension card) but no cameo or mention of it in either Trigger or Decker TV

  25. Ya thats what i meant, like an actual significance in a story instead of just merch. Which is very interesting why they chose Gagi over other Tiga kaiju, but I'm not complaining!

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