1. I wish I had a timer that counts down my death. Id live my life to the fullest with no fears..

  2. "why isn't the media talking about Ohio more"

  3. thats a weird way to spell pyramid

  4. I think I spelled it right. It's an electronic music and DJ school downtown San Francisco

  5. how do you mess up spelling pyramid

  6. As someone who is about to do MDMA for the first time tmmrw this is endearing.

  7. the lower frequency 'instruments' will also have higher frequency harmonics that give a sound its character, when you cut them away the 'instrument' sounds different

  8. Would it be a perfect world if all tracks produced had information what instrument is low mid high, and for that information to be used in dj software, where as in it knows exactly what sound is considered what EQ thus making mixes moreee... natural?

  9. that would require each instrument to have its own file which essentially a multi track recording - which it would originally be before mixing down to a single track

  10. What if the raw file had all the data of what each sound is, and dj software being able to read data of what that sound is and which eq it should follow?

  11. Cover up your screens and try mixing by intuition and vibe, it won’t be perfect but it’s a lot of fun

  12. Sounds fun, do I get to use my cuepoints? :p

  13. I usually start my tunes on or just after the 2nd break. If i am feeling feisty 32 / 64 bars before the 2nd break. I like long blends.

  14. Im in love with long blends and it is probably what my style is pointing at. I wish there was enough cuepoints for me to set one after every 16 bars along the whole track..

  15. i change tempo all the time, with techno its not even noticable, and some songs sound better faster... just make sure you got keylock enabled so that the pitch doesnt change when you change the bpm. and change the bpm during breakdowns when theres no kick drum. the kick drum is what makes the bpm change noticeable.

  16. Keylock makes my tracks sound "hollow" and I can hear a whistle like backround noise. It sounds awful to me but yet again maybe im misusing it or Serato Pro is bad itself.

  17. Thank you so much.. could you suggest a website where i can learn from a-z of DJing especially psytrance and techno & also on how to use the controller

  18. Club Ready had plenty of videos online and s free course. He also has a paid one which I heard is good

  19. drink magnesium after workout

  20. i read this like 5 times and can't wrap my head around what u said

  21. We would all drink gasoline if we could

  22. If he put some AA and MRLs into every province, he'd be undefeatable lmao

  23. Yeah but, aren't cities way more important? Theyd invade him via sea anyway..

  24. This is not your fault. Your mom was being unreasonable, particularly during a global pandemic in which a fever is a symptom of the driving illness.

  25. Later on she said I know you were sick and of course it made no sense to go. But I was mad at myself cause I let myself get sick just days before an event like this. I guess she was just sad that she waited so long for my graduation just so I end up being sick and let it all go to waste.. I just didn't want to see my mom cry, especially because of me.. If I knew how important that meant to her I would've went no matter how unwell I felt, but I think she knew that so she hid that feeling with an argument.

  26. You had a fever. You could possibly have Covid. This was not something in your control. You are a hero for not going.

  27. I tested negative to Covid prior..

  28. Prvo, ja ne znam zašto govoriš da su doktori na tvojoj strani,

  29. Treba djevojka da mi ga pusi i da okusi sta sam pišao prije mjesec dana? no thanks bro

  30. Taj “slučaj” se vrlo lako može izbjeći običnom higenom.

  31. A reci mi zasto to tebe zanima? jesul ti roditelji odjsekli kitu bez tvoje dozvole pa ti krivo? jel ovo neka anketa za fakultet? jesil student? Meni se cini da Bosanski nije tvoj prvi jezik te si stranac i trazis odgovore od muslimana koji inace sunete djecu

  32. Interesting, did someone try to make a Russian flag?

  33. Hurts seeing this cus ive lost 150lp yesterday in 24h with urgot. Im not even bad honestly, just unlucky games better team comps and bad team calls.

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