1. I truly do not get why they still haven’t fixed the misaligned clasp on these.

  2. A true Rolex AD isn’t allowed to do any work on it if they notice it not to be real.

  3. 4-5 pairs a month. That’s one pair a week. Sounds like a bit of a problem.

  4. No it doesn’t exist, you are imagining seeing it.

  5. I have an RG PPF with white dial if you're interested

  6. A question a lot of us wonder about on a daily basis..

  7. Not true. Haven’t purchased from Hont and was able to do it for my first purchase with Geektime as well.

  8. Unfortunately I have had written confirmation that HONT does not do partial payment

  9. Guess he doesn’t feel comfortable enough to do it with you.

  10. I wear my reps like there is no tommorrow. Atm in Barcelona on a short vacation, wearing a VSF Sub and a C+ Pepsi. Enjoy your watches!

  11. I would highly advise not to wear any expensive looking watch in Barcelona. I know several people that became victim to robbery’s there. A watch, a purse and a gold chain. 3 different people and occasions. One google search will tell you the same.

  12. He knows, but Tommy has balls of steel. And even if you get your rep robbed off of you, they're cheap enough compared to gen that you'll just buy another one to replace it 😎

  13. I’m not fear set either, but which reasonable person would want to dramatically increase his/her chances to get beaten or stabbed during their vacation. FYI they don’t just politely ask you for your watch, they jump you with multiple guys.

  14. Normally always fluted, but the platinum should always be smooth. They should have never added the fluted version.

  15. I’m wondering if this is simply a cash grab by LuxuryBazaar or if this is them actually just giving in to fans wanting merch to rep a show/channel they love.

  16. The hand base is not really a problem. If you look at the gen 15300, it has a big base too...

  17. Visually, the only difference between the 15202 and 16202 is the rotor if I'm not mistaken.

  18. Lovely watch, but it’s just too thick imo. 15mm ain’t it.

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