1. Jusqu’ici tout va bien... One of my top 10 films.

  2. I want halberds/spears for combat. Same-ish damage as an axe but with way more range. Could be thrown in default or have an enchantment with a lunge attack.

  3. That's a different level of horny I haven't reached yet

  4. My advice, talk to her, experiment, and when you find something she likes, stick to it

  5. You might try a light weight mousse to keep it under control if it's thinner. If it's on the thick side might try a gel. Use while your hair is wet before you style it.

  6. Sorry I forgot to update you, it works a charm Thank you wonderful person Have a great day Merry Christmas Soggy

  7. Search for Teflon Low Voltage Electric Blanket Heating Cable 0.3 Ohm

  8. I am having the same problems. Did you find a solution?

  9. basically i managed to up the rates by making walls around the water which takes a long time but it is effective

  10. Low key need more details. Does she pay more attention to you than other guys? Does she touch you, stealing your things, look at you when you are looking away, try to get the two of you alone when in a larger group, or get flustered if people ask if you are a couple?

  11. ah no i don't think i explained well enough, i like her and want to k if she likes me back

  12. Ask and make sure that you tell her if she doesn't like you it's totally alright.

  13. OK so to sum that up is that listen to her, be respectful of her opinion and see her as a person?

  14. Hmmmm, I’m thinking Poseidon? And I was wayyyyy off with the prediction 😂

  15. Broadly speaking the answer to your question is no. If all you know is the masses and initial velocities, there is no way to work out the final velocities in general.

  16. ok, I was thinking in like a 1D sense but I can see that in real world applications it isn't as simple,

  17. If you’re only interested in the 1D case then I might be able to help you. For any two body collision, you can define the coefficient of restitution

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