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  1. Who is the “Batman” and who is the “Robin” in this relationship?

  2. And when they combine, they become a Kamen Rider.

  3. Can’t wait to the their megazord.

  4. https://giphy.com/gifs/A7ZbCuv0fJ0POGucwV

  5. When Dinas is hurt it’s called Dinas-Sore

  6. Farted so hard it became an ultra.

  7. Bros before hoes. I mean Carmeara.

  8. He got cancelled after rumours of misconduct surfaced.

  9. I bet he wears a coat. Or is a large market.

  10. UPS. Looks comfortable and functional. Iconic too.

  11. Amazon will answer the call for Female Space Marines and Cavill will have the feeling of deja vu, like it’s The Witcher all over again. Probably.

  12. Decker’s parent’s confirmed.

  13. As he is summoned, the Ultraman strips to show dominance when confronting a kaiju.

  14. Add another Zero and end with Seven.

  15. Yellow minifigs in the Monkey Kid series since they are meant to be Asians.

  16. Looks to me like most of the “Dark New Gen” characters are the good guys. They reduce, reuse, and recycle toys, gimmicks, and costumes. The “Light” characters protect humans, while everyone else is trying to protect the planet.

  17. Me: Which one of you salted-egg-eyed-parasites tried to kill me and make me a hoast?

  18. Blu: Yup, y’all are starting to look like the American flag.

  19. Feels like they designed this with the idea of saving money with the sofubi in mind. You know they are not going to paint the back then they put the toy out.

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