1. Spider minior antagonists that are heavily associated with Donuts (Muffet making and selling donuts alongside using it as an attack and Taranza having Donut as his favorite snack and that being his main motivation behind his actions). Both after a misunderstanding and misjudging the actually good natured main Character (Taranza thinking that Kirby had shamelessly eat his donuts with no regrets at all and Muffet thinking that Frisk hate spiders), they attempt to kill them for they done [That escalated quickly] but didn't really succeed in that. At the end both after seeing the kindness of the main character (Kirby giving Taranza another donut, one that is even better than the one he loses and Frisk being kind to the spiders in the ruins and buying stuff from them) had released their mistake and actually become friendly with them

  2. Dio keep him to the end, in his castle to be one of his last lines of defence. So his speed most be worth mentioning in comparison to his other minions that scale to the Crusaders stands

  3. Even if his stand is immobile, that doesn't mean he can't scale to sush level in reactions because of those reasons

  4. Did Tails have an arc like that? I can’t really remember him having one, the most I can think of was in Forces. Even then that’s only one aspect the two share.

  5. Eh, its just a diet coke Mario vs Sonic which was a better matchup

  6. Tails Vs Luigi actually have connections that matter to both characters growth and portrayal unlike Sonic and Mario which is just relying on the legacy factor (Even if I think that Mario and Sonic does have more connections than what most people gives them). Tails Vs Luigi does generally have a different fight dynamic than Mario Vs Sonic so I won't say that it is a weaker version in tern of animation either

  7. I don't think I am a fan of those connections, what about Animation and Debatibility?

  8. Considering you put a touhou picture, favorite Touhou matchups?

  9. Can I get a link to that bot? Tried to search over it in Character Ai and I didn't find it.

  10. Alucard look like he is gonna to shoot Frieza in the back from the way you put them in the list

  11. If I may ask, What exactly puts GIH Godzilla that high? I remember him and Space Godzilla destroying the earth and the only thing I’ve heard for Uni Godzilla was the thing where he killed some random monster at the end of his journey or whatever.

  12. Star come from calculating him destroy the planet while fighting Space Godzilla in the Third Issue (It is dwarf star level to be more specific)

  13. Monkey D Luffy, he is pretty much the protagonist of the most selling manga of all time and one of the most recognisable anime character, with three other character from his verse and the other protagonists of the the big threes getting on the show already and One Piece currently is close to it end (It is currently the final saga)

  14. Multi City Block personally, all those tiers are so high for him

  15. What would composite add? More hax resistances from Game, making him stronger in Base because of Tabuu in Smash Brawl, a Hyper Form, more toon force stuff from AoStH, maybe better stamina from IDW, I believe Fleetway will offer him some additional abilities, and there is the deconstruction hax from Sonic X. If we are counting optional equipments too, Sonic will have immortality negation with Caliburn and the powerful power absorbing and power negation with the Sword of Acorn,

  16. You what is an even more stupid argument that I had seen? Gumball can beat Goku because he can turn into Super Saiyan

  17. Pegasus Kōga (Saint Seiya).or Invincible (Image Comics)

  18. Then no version of Sonic is winning due to the weird hyperversal scaling that composite Slenderman apparently have

  19. I believe even the weakest version of Sonic would be enough for him

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