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  1. People who were 14 and are now 21: :2474:

  2. Legally an adult but probably in college right? College kid! 🙂 also hello, i am old

  3. I feel that. Godspeed to you, I've only worked retail for about 6 months but it was hell.

  4. As someone of the LGBT+ community I always find it weird when people ask specifically for a server like that

  5. You'd be surprised how many there are, especially in gaming. :/

  6. Well that's good to hear other than the communities outside of gaming part. I hope eventually this becomes the norm for everything.

  7. I think they are men, that come from space i.e. where stars are.

  8. I enjoy your wall lamas. Or are they alpacas?

  9. Flushing is the more important of the two, so as long as you got that down, you're good.

  10. I have the officially licensed red queen sword from dmc4. Not sure but only so many were made i guess cuz it has a production number on it. I've wanted it for awhile though. Got lucky a few months ago on what to find it for a decent price! The handle is real leather and its super cool looking! 😎

  11. Love how the lady who did it doesn't even care

  12. I'd be okay with the gay if kel and hero weren't brothers...just let sunny and kel vibe

  13. I see a master chief impersonator in the middle there.

  14. Infinite is fun. :p I just really dislike 4 and 5's art style.

  15. This is pretty accurate. Kel thinking about Orange Joe in the corner is my head canon.

  16. Indication for sarcasm, if you were serious about not understanding.

  17. Aww! I never noticed this before! So cute!

  18. Congrats! Also love your username lol!

  19. Everyone's pooping on him but so far I like him!

  20. I want a life size gammamon xD I did manage to get one of the chibi plushies at least.

  21. I JUST GOOGELT THE SIGN OF THE GRAVEJARD in mission9. Its in london. But i confusion . I NEED ANSWERS TOO

  22. Entire design is based off of London. Redgrave is just not canonically in London or the UK.

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